The Lord will fulfill His purpose for me; Your love, O Lord, endures forever ~ do not abandon the works of Your hands. Psalms 138:8

The six pak

Here's a picture of us with the rest of the Dirty Dozen (Six Pak with husbands). A few years ago at one of our kid's weddings, as we were leaving we said the regular...."We will have to get together sometime soon".....that was met with a very strong response....don't say that unless you mean it. So we set-up a time for us to get evolved into what is now the Six Pak. Six women who originally spent time in the church nursery most of us attend different churches. Our lives are diverse, but we are united by a common history and bond....we each love the Lord and each other. We get together every second month, and the boys are invited at Christmas, and we have even had a family picnic together (thanks Marilyn)....all 80 of us!

I am blessed by each one of the Six Pak and their relationship with me. We have celebrated weddings together, held baby and wedding showers for our girls; we have prayed through for family on drugs, unexpected pregnancies, a brain tumour, back surgery, kid's marriage struggles, grandchildren born with disabilities, aging and dying parents, the death of an unborn grandchild, and even the untimely death of an adult son.

When Bob's Dad died a few years ago, it was the Six Pak that I called on to organize the funeral lunch....and they did it with the expertise of a catering company and the compassion of the true friends that they are. Whenever I find myself in need of prayer, they are among the ones I call on. Although our lives are not lived in daily or even weekly contact with each other, I know that these are friends for a lifetime....a true gift from God.

Take time to enjoy your friendships...worth every minute!

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Lisa B. said...

What an amazing story of friendship and love - created and sustained by our King.

Friends a plenty but those who we call during an emergency...usually just a few.

I hope I have a six pack (both in my abs and my heart) when I grow up!!!