The Lord will fulfill His purpose for me; Your love, O Lord, endures forever ~ do not abandon the works of Your hands. Psalms 138:8


the dog whisperer.
Talk about an entourage!

The Girlies

Raced over to the Island for a quick visit before we took off for a vacation down south in January.
Look at those faces ~ no words required
Always a warm welcome from the Island chapter of the Mac Clan.


The Dirty Dozen

Our annual Six Pack Christmas gathering includes our dear husbands - thus the name - The Dirty Dozen

Ken and Evie hosted a fabulous dinner this year.  An evening to look forward to.....great friends, lots of laughs, a feeling of comfort and belonging.  Wonderful.

The boys - take one and then take two
The girls - take...well, maybe....five
The girls - take....I lost count....too fun!

Hmmm.....I think it's time for a six-pack dinner again real soon.

Grampy's helper - Coley

Grampy was finishing up with the Cranberry Creek stuff and Cole was a big helper.

Christmas 2011 - Let the making merry begin!

Trevor and Christy came over the weekend before we began a full-on family celebration time that continued right through to the New Year. 
Grandma Rosie and GG got some cuddle time with the latest and greatest g-babies.
Oh, dear are sweetness itself!
Having tea at Grammies......Shawna had tea at Grandma Rosie's in that very same cup and saucer.
Jacob was not too enthusiastic about his part in the Christmas concert....a grave understatement! 

He called out to his Mommy during a quiet part...."Mom!  Do you have my present?"  He had been to Cole's concert a few days before, and knew that a present was forthcoming.....he just wanted to make sure his torture would be rewarded.
So great to have BOTH uncles there to see the concert.

We made our trip to downtown Spaghetti Factory and then on to the Stanley Park Train.....such fun!
What is it about boys and trains?  We picked a terrific dry evening to go downtown which is hard to do in Vancouver in December.....we felt very blessed to be able to spend such good times together as a family.
With having a business that ramps up right before Christmas, it is a joy to come home, sit under the tree and take time to reflect on the gift of Christ to us.

Crazy friends and family times....laughing, playing games, and eating, of course!

~I just simply LOVE Christmas~
The family times ~ The fellowship with friends
~The way the carols cause my heart to sing~
God's son came down from His heavenly home for me
~I am thankful~

The big 3-0

This was a milestone year for girlie is 30!
So her dear friend Lisa planned a surprise brunch.....and we were all surprised when we actually succeeded in surprising her....she is so nosey and perceptive!
(click on the photo - check out her stunned look - she was really confused!)
Paul planned another dinner event in the evening with a whole different group of needless to say she was well celebrated and loved-on this year.

Sorry, I don't really know what I was thinking, but I didn't take a single photo of the lovely group of ladies.
We had a wonderful time together....thanks Lisa, for hosting such a lovely brunch!
My lovely girlie.....she is such a delightful daughter!

Fall family birthday celebration

We have alot of birthdays to celebrate during November/ this year I announced that we would be combining our celebrations throughout the year to better solve the coordinating of events.  Although it was met with some disagreement.....most agreed that it was just more sensible to have two or three joint events....instead of a dozen dinner dates to try to work into our already busy schedules.
So we celebrated Paul, Shawna, and Christy with the traditional ice cream pie.
I sometimes can't believe that I have such grown-up kids....they are all a joy to me.

Visiting the Royals

Always a joy to visit the Island Princesses...and we come away with the riches rewards.....hugs, cuddles and kisses.  Oh, and we really do love to see the royal parental units as well.....just so's ya know.
We had a free night's accomodation from expedia, so we took advantage of it and stayed in Victoria before we headed home.  It was a great day....and it was so relaxing since it was just before the madness of Cranberry Creek overtook our life for a season.
I am blessed and thankful for each one of our family.
I hope you are able to spend time with your loved ones.

Is it here yet?

We've had a few sunshiny days around here and it SO makes me want spring to be sprung!  I know it will be short lived and the rain and blustery clouds will form again.....but in the mean word for this year is.....

MORE:  in greater quantity, amount, measure, degree or number; in or to a greater extent or degree

More of Him
Less of me
Christ in me

I desire to seek Him more intently, look for and find Him more often in the everyday things of life.  I want to practice being less and work at having Him be more.  I want His grace to be seen, not my ungracious, self-serving attitude.  I want His mercy to shine through, just as He pours out mercy on me.  May I have the grace to show mercy regardless of how unmerited it is.  For I have oh, so much grace and mercy shown to me by Him.

I want to shift my time spent....more of Him; less of me.
I want my days to count more for him; less for me.
I want to find my worth in Him; not in me.

I don't really know what MORE will look like by the time 2011 is done, but I know that it has already pushed me towards a stronger pursuit of God and His purpose in my life. 

 My grace is sufficient for you, for my power is made perfect in weakness. Therefore I will boast all the more gladly about my weaknesses, so that Christ’s power may rest on me.  II Cor 12:9 

Be blessed, dear ones, and I pray that you may be encouraged to find MORE of Him in your day.

Cole's Third Birthday

This dear wee man is so full of life....he is always a joy and often a surprise.....
We had a great time celebrating his special day.
Hmmm....his birthday was in November....I'm catchin' up....only 4 months behind!
I have been spending time categorizing my photos, and saving them....feels good to have the job almost done.  Now just to catch you up with the last few months....oh, and start to clean out closets and cupboards.  I do love rainy days for pushing me to clean and organize.

Hope you are spending your time blessed, dear friends!


 Although the cousins don't get to see each other every other day...they make up for it by lovin' each other real good when they do get together.  I so enjoy watching them!

Just one word

Thank you Lord, for our dear G-kidlets.