The Lord will fulfill His purpose for me; Your love, O Lord, endures forever ~ do not abandon the works of Your hands. Psalms 138:8

Fresh flowers

I have always said that if I ever became independently wealthy I would have fresh flowers in the house. Well, this week I had fresh flowers delivered to my home twice in one day!

First, a gorgeous bouquet was delivered from my dear friend Joan in Ottawa, and then Shawna gave me a beautiful bunch of home grown of God's most spectacular floral creations, in my humble estimation.

That got me thinking about my previous thoughts...and I realized that I am not independently wealthy and probably never will be.
But instead I am dependently wealthy - dependent first and foremost on my God's provisions for me....for out of His abundance I live, and secondly dependent on my family and friends...I am blessed beyond measure, I am rich in the things that count most,
I am truly dependently wealthy!

Enjoy the weekend!...we are done with home renos until next week...we plan to spend our time relaxing in the sunshine as much as possible....yippee!
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Just so you know..

this is what I am up house is upside-down and we are busy making a mess. Since it is all torn apart, I am making the best of it and cleaning carpets, too. Also, I have decided to paint my coffee table tops in the family room....and since the paint is out....I'm painting anything that isn't glued down.

I'm hoping to have an organized, peaceful home in a couple of weeks.

Have a great week, my friends.....enjoy the sunshine!!
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I've been tagged...

A long-time friend's daughter, Theresa, living in Montreal tagged here are my responses

What was a doing 10 years ago?
1. Attending my daughter's graduation from high school
2. Just beginning to establish Cranberry Creek
3. Being a youth sponsor at church
4. Enjoying as I watched my kids find their own way in the world

What are five (non-work) things on my to-do list for tomorrow?
1. Attend a breakfast for Mercy Ministries Canada
2. Clean out my office
3. Paint my coffee tables in the family room
4. Clean out the freezer and make some meals with what I find
5. Go downtown at night to see a friend's son at the band on the run contest

Five snacks I enjoy:
1. Melted butter with salted popcorn on top
2. Anything chocolate
3. Grande decaf, breve, sugarfree vanilla, extra hot latte (I'm not high maintenance!?)
4. Fresh baked cookies
5. Icy cold raspberries or strawberries...okay with ice cream

Things I would do if I were a billionaire:
1. Treat my kids/grandkids to a family vacation
2. Share the wealth with our kids
3. Find real needs and meet them
4. Travel the world
5. Have fresh flowers in the house everyday
6. Have a personal massage therapist (preferrable named Thor or Fabian)

Places I’ve lived:
1. 2446 West 13th Ave, Vancouver ( born there/lived for 13 years- good-for-nothing memory)
2. Richmond
3. Burnaby
4. Victoria
5. North Delta
6. Surrey

Jobs I’ve had:
1. Receptionist at Eagle Ford in Burnaby
2. Clerk at Al Mitchell Toyota in New Westminster
3. Office receptionist/clerk at Workmen's Compensation Board (yes-that long ago)
4. Worked at WCB in Victoria, too
5. Sold Avon
6. Cleaned houses
7. Planned and prepared full luncheons and banquets at a senior citizen's rec center
8. Had a part-time catering business with friends
9. Worked as a salesperson for a drapery/blind company
10. Established an interior design company - Josh Designer Group
11. Established Cranberry Creek Baking Co Inc
12. First love and foremost job - wife and mother

All by myself.....

Bob has been away on our friend's boat for the last few days...these pictures are from other/sunnier times. So while he was away, it gave me time to just 'do my own thing'. Although, I would not like a steady diet of it, I quite enjoyed my time with just me. I found I talked with the Lord often, and seemed to have more time to spend in prayer. I need to take more time out, time to allow God to speak, time filled with radio, tv, people.....seems like a plan....just don't know how I will execute it.
Life is terrific...but sometimes I just make it too busy. Speaking of busy....

We are starting to reno our powder room tomorrow. We are going to replace the vanity, mirrors, lights and run hardwood into it, as well as into my office.....then we are re-staining the hall hardwood and the new in a darker stain. We have been here for 18 years now, and the bleached oak...well, what can I say?'s just time for it to be kicked into this century!

I am looking forward to the changes....I'm all about the before and after.....just not much about the in between stuff! I'm not sure what color to paint...any suggestions? The floors will be a medium brown (no red) and the vanity is a darker wood with brown/tan granite, the fixtures will remain white. The hall is a vellum yellow.

Let me know what you think....

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Happy 50th, Pam!

Today we gathered together at the Pan Pacific to celebrate a dear friend's birthday....although what really happened was that Pam brought us all together to celebrate friendship, and blessed us with a wonderful girl's lunch out. The view was amazing, the food delicious, and the company extraordinary. What a treat! Thanks, Pam for a wonderful day!

(Click on the collages for a closer look)
Pam has been a Godly example as she has gone through difficulties that would cripple most of us....and she continues to trust in the Lord with all her heart.

It was terrific to just relax and enjoy the company of long-time friends
(purposely not using the 'o' word)

Where would any of us be without the gift of friendship?

I thank God for the friendship journey that is part of my life journey.
The friends that have known me since forever; the friends that have come into my life for just a short season; the new best friends that God has given me in recent years (you know who you are)...all are important to me. Caring friends, praying friends, come-along-side friends....each friend a special gift.

Friends....such a blessing from God.....go hug one today!

We proclaim to you what we have seen and heard, so that you also may have fellowship with us. And our fellowship is with the Father and with his Son, Jesus Christ. I John 1:3

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Brunch together

We gathered together today to celebrate Father's was very relaxing and fun. We ate, some napped, we chatted and laughed.

Thanks kids, for hanging around today....we always love our times spent together.
God is good.
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Happy Father's Day

Cute, quirky but true.

Happy Father's Day, honey....I am truly thankful for the loving life partner you are to me, and for the Godly example you are to our kids.

Although both of our Dads are gone, we do remember and honour them today for their influence on our lives. They were both father and friend to us, a rare occurrence for sure....we were blessed. If I have one regret it is that my Dad didn't see us establish and grow Cranberry Creek.....he would have loved it! I get my entrepreneurial spirit from him...thanks, has made life very interesting.

Have a terrific day celebrating fatherhood!

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I was reminded of an old song by Sandi Patti (thanks, Susan, for the pleasant reminder...those were fun times, yes?)
Being a Grammie, the song means more now than ever. I think back to the miracle of my own children, and add to that the miracle of cup is full and running over.
Dear friends, stop for a few moments and listen to the words...rejoice with me at God's miracles....His masterpieces left in our care.
Dedicated to Jacob-bean, Cole the wee chief, and wee McPeach
Have a wonderful day.....kiss the cheek of a masterpiece

Happy 50th Anniversary, R & S!

On Saturday we joined family and friends to celebrate Ron and Shirley's milestone anniversary.
And what a party it was! Ken & Deb and Dan & Cari did a marvelous job of hosting the shin-dig....thanks, guys, we had a wonderful time!

We had lots of great food, laughter, and fellowship. It was good to see so many gather together to honor and celebrate Ron and Shirl....we laughed, reminisced, cried...

And laughed some more.....

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What a blessing it was to gather extended family together, and see how God is building up strong men and women of faith among what were once "the kidlets".

Generation to generation....God has set His seal upon our family....we are truly blessed.

For our generation, I pray that God will continue to work in each of our hearts, that we may seek God and His righteousness first and foremost in our lives. For the next generation, I pray for strength, courage, and guidance to find God's best plan for their lives. I also pray for those who are struggling with their walk with the Lord....I know the Good Shepherd will continue to seek out, keep and bring home his lambs.

Thank you, Lord, for your faithfulness.

Happy Anniversary, Ron and was a joy to celebrate with you....May God continue to bless you as you journey together.

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Vancouver Golf Game

All the Mac guys that were able, gathered together for a golf game the day before the big anniversary party....unfortunately, they were majorly rained upon....

But that didn't dampen their championship spirit.....they had a great time together.
We are truly thankful for an extended family that really enjoys time spent together.
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Life is a skit

I am collecting 50 years worth of props to use in a skit. Tomorrow we are celebrating Ron and Shirley's 50th wedding anniversary....and we were put in charge of the skit...big mistake on their kids part!!

So I have written a dialog that is kind and complimentary of their years together. But this is where the skit comes in.....the two sons (sorry Ken and Dan...I kinda threw you under the skit bus!) will dress up in appropriate props related to what is being said. Oh, and Ken (all 6 foot plus of him) will be Shirley and Dan will be Ron. I hope it is well never know about these kinda things.

Ron and Shirley just got back from a cruise of a lifetime....New York to Vancouver through the Panama Canal for 21 days.
Happy Anniversary, Ron and Shirley.....blessings to both of you

I'm off to go shopping...just because I can.

Have a wonderful Friday!

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Wee Cole

I sometimes think I really do see God....or at least heaven and the angels..... when I look into the eyes of a child.
Pure delight...just warms my heart.

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Great day

We had a wonderful time visiting Trevor and Christy in Nanaimo....they picked us up and we stopped for ice cream, walked the mall (way too cold for any outside walking) and then had a relaxing dinner at Cactus Club.

Christy is feeling good, and looks even better....seems like she is built to carry babies....she makes it look so easy!

Even in the clouds, the ferry ride scenery is gorgeous. We live in a wonderful part of the world!

Blessings to all....enjoy this inside day.
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Jacob's 2nd Birthday

Today was wee Jacob-bean's 2nd birthday....what a joy he is to us!

What a wonderful day!

He knew from first light that it was going to be a special day....full of friends and family, toy cars, trucks, lots of fun gifts and unfortunately....a boucey castle. (he is definitely not "into the castle")

We realized too late that a bunch of balloons was all that was required to make Jacob's day

Happy, Happy Birthday are a special gift from God to us.

Grammie and Grampy love you!

Tomorrow we are off to an Island in the Pacific to visit our kids and wee McPeach aka the bump.

Have a wonderful Monday, my friends

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Redneck b-day

On Saturday afternoon we were on hand to help our friend, Grant, celebrate his 60th birthday.

It was done in full redneck honour of the King of Rednecks. Although we did attempt to dress like a redneck, I must admit that we failed miserably....I looked like a runaway cowgirl and Bob looked like a disgrundled nerd.

Happy Birthday, Grant!

The Holcombe gang singing a tribute to "Papa Grant"

Redneck fun and games

Definitely the Best Dressed Redneck......Wee Laney Holcombe.
With this kind of competition, we didn't have a chance!

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