The Lord will fulfill His purpose for me; Your love, O Lord, endures forever ~ do not abandon the works of Your hands. Psalms 138:8

I was thinking about my garden....the swale in the backyard....and how I have struggled to grow anything down there. It has been shaded by the fence, tall evergreens and growing maples so it limits greatly what will grow there at all; and even what is shade loving doesn't do well because it is also very dry....(I'm not the best at watering). There was alot of dirt in between the plants that just produced a crop of unrelenting weeds.
This past year though, our neighbors cut down a couple of huge trees, and what was once hidden from the sun is now washed in it for part of the day. What a difference it has made! This spring, all of a sudden, I have shrubs flowering that had all but forgotten how; I have others that had fallen on the ground now perked up and reaching for the sun; still others that looked weak and spineless but now are straight and strong. The groundcover has grown so has filled in the bare spots and the weeds have all but disappeared.

How often have I placed limits on my life by keeping things in the dark, and by not adding the water of the word more frequently?
How often have I kept something hidden from the Son?
How has that lack of Sonlight affected my growth or hindered my production of flowers or fruit?
How often has it caused me to fall on my face or made me spineless and weak?
How often has the lack of Sonshine caused bare spots to allow sinfulness to creep in?

Lord, I pray that you will help me to expose everything in my day to day life to your light, help me to always recognize that you are my source.

Remind me, Lord, that doing anything without your light will produce a pitiful plot in comparison to what you have planned for those who seek you first.

I want to grow strong, bearing much fruit...I want to be a beautiful garden for you.

Grow in the grace and knowledge of our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ. To Him be glory both now and forever! 2 Peter 3:18

Enjoy your garden blessed, my friends.

Sunny day

There is just something about dappled sunlight on my garden...I just love it. God is good, the sun is shining.....enjoy the blessed
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Grandma Rosie's Birthday

Monday was G-Ma's 88th my Mom, Paul, Shawna, the boys and us had lunch with her at the country kitchen at her home. We had a fun time celebrating together.

Happy birthday, Mum!

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Party #2

The celebrating continued last night...all the bro's and wives gathered together for a lovely, formal birthday dinner.
We spent the evening chatting and enjoying a delicious meal in the private dining room at the home.

Mum is not one to be the center of attention...but she always enjoys having her family 'round her.
We are blessed to have her in our lives.
Mum and her three boys.
May God continue to bless you with good health, peace of mind, and joy throughout the coming year.
We love you, Mum
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Apparently, a good time was had by all.....even wee Cooper Daniel.

Listen, trust and obey

As we were travelling through the Alberta countryside, we happened upon a herd of cattle. Now, those who know Bob well will know that he has a mean cow-moo. He couldn't resist....and the following shots are what ensued.
As I reviewed them, a saw a lesson in it about me, the crowd, and my God......

There are times when I feel fenced in....somehow locked into a life that is not very much different than the rest of the crowd or herd.
Then I hear a voice calling to me to come closer, to follow...
others start to run away...fearful, untrusting

But most are afraid to step out and away from the others....they run together
to hide, to stay within their comfort zone

But, Lord, have me be the one....the one to stop and listen,
to move closer to you even when the others don't.

Give me courage to stand alone, trusting in you.
I pray that I will listen when you call, and then obey.

I pray that my life would have purpose larger than me, that my deeds would have meaning deeper than the work, and that my light would so shine for you.

Be a beacon for Him today; be a blessing, my friends.

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Our weather has finally turned a corner....Woot! Woot! And we have bought bedding plants; so I will be spending some time in the gardens this weekend. We may even take our bikes out for a tour to Fort Langley....I do love sunny days...they seem to hold so much promise of good things in store.

Hope you have a terrific long weekend....I know I will!
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Shower for Makena Joy

Any time the Six-Pak gets together is a good time; and this past Tuesday was no exception. We had a buffet of old-tyme Sunday night favorites...Mayonnaise cake, tea biscuits and homemade raspberry jam, choco-coffee muffins, Mexican mess and Cathedral squares.
The food was great....but the fellowship was even better!

I thank my God with ever remembrance of you.
My Six-Pak friends, their girlies and friends for life....amazing love connections generation to generation. I am truly blessed.

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Oh, m'gosh

It's rainy and dull again today, so I just had to find a bright photo to just can't look at it without smiling, right?!

I'm quite annoyed with the weather, so enjoy a look at some of God's handywork with me.

I'm off to dodge puddles and run errands....the Six-Pak is getting together tonight at my house to celebrate yet another grandbaby.....yippee!

Be blessed my friends.

For you make me glad by your deeds, O Lord; I sing for joy at the works of your hands.
Psalms 92:4

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Happy Mother's Day!

A special tribute to our Moms - Nanny aka GG and Grandma Rosie.
We are thankful to still have them with us to share in the joys of life.
We love you both! May God continue to bless you throughout the year ahead.
And to all my dear friends and family.....although life may not always be a walk in the park....

I pray that you will spend a wonderful day together with your dear ones.
May God bless you richly on Mother's Day.
Enjoy the moments!!

A day with the boys

This past Friday, while Shawna was at the VCC women's conference, we had our wee G-boys for the day. Exhausting...but so much fun. (I try and remember how I did it all day everyday...I can't, so I just marvel at the young moms who do...and pray for them!

Our wee Cole Robert was a bit under the weather....teething, I he was more docile than normal. So we just cuddled alot. Although after a long nap, he was ready to play....he talked to this toy for over 1/2 an hour. Love to see his bright mind at work!

Through a Child's eyes

Just a trickle of water....but oh, so much fun!!

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Backyard fun

While Cole was napping, Grampy and Jacob-bean enjoyed the sunshine

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What was the most fun??

Was it the big, red bucket?
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Was it being a good helper and washing the van with the really big brush?

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Or was it just the big splish-splash of the water?

There is something about the way boys's all about the grrhh...and the mess!

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Thanks to everyone who has been praying for my brother, Ken.

He was waiting in hospital for his heart surgery when his condition worsened and he was rushed into emergency surgery. We are praising God for his hand of mercy on the many details of the situation. He ended up having a quin bypass operation....yes bypass x 5! He is doing quite well, although he is not out of the woods yet...just one day at a time. Please pray for God's healing hand to continue to strengthen and restore Ken.

A quick trip

Our dear friends, Terry and Lois, were flying to Calgary and driving their new car we decided to tag along for the ride. We had a terrific time; chatting, laughing, and enjoying God's majestic creation through the Rockies. We live in the most amazing part of the world!
We stayed at the Fairmont Palliser Hotel in Calgary
Great price and a gorgeous, old hotel

We saw fresh born colts....wobbly legs and all
Had a soak in the Banff Hot Springs
I love this photo - it looks like a theater scrim, but it is just another example of God's handywork
Thanks, T&L for a fun filled weekend!
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