The Lord will fulfill His purpose for me; Your love, O Lord, endures forever ~ do not abandon the works of Your hands. Psalms 138:8

Bubba II

Wee Cole.....growing like a weed.....
a very cute, delightful one!

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San Diego Mexico Holiday

We had a wonderful holiday starting in San Diego then on to a cruise to Mexico. We first went to the Fancy Food Show, collecting info for CC; then Joan and Rick met us for a few relaxing days in the city. This was J & R's first cruise, so it was fun for us to experience it through their eyes....we all had a great time together. Again, we are reminded how blessed we are to have friends with Christ as our common bond. (Click on the collages for a closer look)
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Bob gave me a camera for Christmas, but we ended up returning that one for another.....and I absolutely LOVE it!! I still don't know the half of how to use it, but I will experiment a bit at a time. It is a Canon D9 and is a point and shoot, just short of an SLR. These are a few carvings that I found at Balboa Park and the Lady of Guatelupe Cathedral in Mazatlan. I love the history of architecture....this is part of my enjoyment on holidays.
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Bobby and Ricky went shopping....matching bathing girls would NEVER think of doing that!!
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We had lots of walks on the beach....relaxing times in the sunshine. Seaport Village, Coronado, Glorietta Bay.....In Cabo San Lucas we kayaked to Lover's Beach and around Land's end both in the Sea of Cortez and The Pacific was a highlight for us. I walked and took photos while Bob went was the best he's ever done....needle fish thick like carpet, lots of variety...he even held a puffer fish in his hands.....amazing. We passed by pelicans close enough to touch, and sea lions close enough to smell, we saw sting rays doing flips out of the water....incredible! As we kayaked around Land's End, I was overwhelmed by the beauty around us....."and the Creator of all of this lives in my heart". I am so thankful for the time we could spend enjoying God's creation.
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We had gorgeous weather, and the sunrises and sunsets were stellar. We had a balcony on the ship for the first time....we loved it....I think it has spoiled us for any other cruise. Although we still like to get up on deck with everyone....this time we met so many great people from all over North was very interesting.
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I love the old architecture....the arches, stone work, beautiful churches. Balboa Park was amazing....lots of old buildings with terrific details. As we were walking through the gardens in the park, we heard a pipe we walked towards the music and found an open air band shell with the world's largest outside pipe organ....a delightful experience!
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Bob and I went on a bike ride in the foothills of the Sierra Madres...a 12 mile ride! I didn't do the entire ride...I wanted to be able to take photos from the truck so I stopped at about 7 miles. It was very rugged, dusty roads....but a wonderful experience. I love holidays for enjoying different people, places, things.
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Jacob Smurf

We laughed 'til we cried at our wee version of Smurf...gotta luv him!!
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A Legacy

Yesterday Bob and I took my Mom to visit Bob's Mom for 'Hawaiian Day' at the home. We also took Jacob along to give S&P a chance to catch-up on household chores....any time spent with the grand babies is a good time.

On the way home we were talking about my Dad....reminiscing with my Mom. We were saying how much he would have enjoyed seeing our kids having kids, buying houses, remodelling, getting on with life. Dad was an entrepreneur extraordinaire....but he never even saw Cranberry Creek. ..he would have loved it. My thoughts wandered to what other character attribute I have inherited from him....and what gifts or legacies he has left for us.

The greatest legacy was his decision to accept Christ as his personal savior. I can only imagine how different my life would have been if he had not. I was four years old when my Mom and Dad began to take us faithfully to church; it was shortly after when God revealed himself to that little girl and I, too accepted Jesus into my heart.

Because of my Dad's decision, I was introduced to Jesus; surrounded by Godly people who nurtured and encouraged my walk with the Lord; found a Godly man who became my wonderful husband. We have tried to live our lives and establish our home on God's principles; our children accepted Christ at an early age, and have now begun to establish their homes with Christ as the corner stone....all because of my Dad's decision. I can't think of one decision with greater ripple effects than the decision to serve the Lord. Thanks, Dad, for making a great decision. Thanks, Mom for following Dad's lead, and thanks, too, to Mom and Dad Mac for their commitment to Christ and their example to us. (They, too have a story I'll share another time)

Thank you Father God for loving us so much that you gave your son, thank you Jesus for saving us from our sin and thank you Holy Spirit for drawing us unto yourself.


::Blessings made still richer when God is the center of our lives::

Lord, may I create a legacy for my children with ripple effects into generations to come.

Crash takes bear for a walk....

While Shawna and I were working in the office yesterday, our neighbor came over with a toy stroller for Jacob....he is moving and trying to get rid of excess cargo. Well, I found this bear in the toy box (thanks, Jamie) and he was just the perfect fit. Jacob was off and running....with Tucker all excited because we kept telling Jacob to take bear for a walk....What! If bear's going for a walk, he wanted to be in on it, too!
Jacob had a blast; and like the real boy that he is , he was using the stroller as a weapon-tool. He had to take stroller and bear home with him, and I've been told that NOTHING can go in the stroller, it is forever bear's now. I love to watch the mind of a child work....marvelous!
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Don't ya just love....

how the house looks after all the Christmas is packed away. It is inspiring....makes me want to clean out closets, sort thru stuff, rearrange the furniture....but then, I sit for a while until the feeling passes.....:)
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Off to Great-Grandma's house we go...

After our great morning, Shawna and I went to visit Great-Grandma Rosie with the two boys. A regular occurance turns into a great adventure when you have a toddler in tow!
Grandma Rosie has been a constant encouragement to our family, and a steady prayer warrior for us and our kids. I have been blessed beyond measure to have had such an example for a mother-in-law...praise God!
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::Yesterday I was invited on my first playdate in a long while. Shawna and an old childhood friend, Theresa got together for a playdate - tee-hee - for Cole and Liliane. The babes are only 2 weeks apart and the two girls had re-connected via their blogs. Carolee and I have been longtime friends, so we were invited along for a terrific time of coffee, cake, and conversation. Thanks Shawna for a terrific morning break....always a joy.
Thanks Carolee, Theresa and Liliane for taking the time in your busy schedule of family/vacation time to come and visit with us...blessings to you and yours.
As a side note: Bob and Jordan just happened to "drop" in during our time together....Jordan walked into the kitchen with the sideboard set with our delicious treats...he looked around, then turned to Shawna and asked, "What are you guys doing?" Somethings are for girls to understand....there is no point even trying to explain our activities to the guys....they just don't get it::
Be blessed, my friends, and enjoy your day

More of Cole

After I posted the earlier collage of Cole, I realized an update was definitely in order, he is a healthy growing boy...what a delight!
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My grandbabies

Our wee chief - Cole Robert
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Our Jacob-bean
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I just LOVE being a Grammie! It is all that I hoped it would be, and so much more. I love to cuddle them when they are asleep, I love to see Jacob's eyes light up when I call my special Grammie call....Whoo-Hoo....he melts my heart. What a Joy! It is my prayer that I will be a Godly example to each of them....and that they will accept Christ as their own savior at an early age and grow strong in their faith through the years.
I count it all joy to see my children walk in truth.
God sure knew what He was doing when he made grandkids!

My family

What a joy....Bob and I are still each other's best friends, and we really enjoy each other's company....a good thing since he is now retired. We cherish the time we spend with our kids and are thrilled any time they are willing to hang out with us.....especially when grandbabies are part of the deal! Although both of our Dad's have gone home to be with the Lord, we are blessed to have both of our Moms living close by.
These pictures were taken on Thanksgiving Day 2007....wee Cole Robert was born November 1....little bro for Jacob Christopher. We just heard over Christmas that our youngest son, Trevor and his wife Christy are expecting in July....yeah!

Welcome and Happy New Year!

Welcome to my journey. My intention is to journal my life; sharing as I do the joys, challenges and insights. God is constantly weaving the fabric of our lives into what He purposes...I pray my life will be a colorful and comfortable quilt to those around me. Pour yourself a cuppa, and open the window into a day in my life.

Blessings my friends....enjoy the day....rejoice in it!

The six pak

Here's a picture of us with the rest of the Dirty Dozen (Six Pak with husbands). A few years ago at one of our kid's weddings, as we were leaving we said the regular...."We will have to get together sometime soon".....that was met with a very strong response....don't say that unless you mean it. So we set-up a time for us to get evolved into what is now the Six Pak. Six women who originally spent time in the church nursery most of us attend different churches. Our lives are diverse, but we are united by a common history and bond....we each love the Lord and each other. We get together every second month, and the boys are invited at Christmas, and we have even had a family picnic together (thanks Marilyn)....all 80 of us!

I am blessed by each one of the Six Pak and their relationship with me. We have celebrated weddings together, held baby and wedding showers for our girls; we have prayed through for family on drugs, unexpected pregnancies, a brain tumour, back surgery, kid's marriage struggles, grandchildren born with disabilities, aging and dying parents, the death of an unborn grandchild, and even the untimely death of an adult son.

When Bob's Dad died a few years ago, it was the Six Pak that I called on to organize the funeral lunch....and they did it with the expertise of a catering company and the compassion of the true friends that they are. Whenever I find myself in need of prayer, they are among the ones I call on. Although our lives are not lived in daily or even weekly contact with each other, I know that these are friends for a lifetime....a true gift from God.

Take time to enjoy your friendships...worth every minute!


After a very busy season with Cranberry Creek, we are looking forward to some time away...we are joining our friends from Ottawa, Joan and Rick on a Mexican Rivera cruise for a week....FYI....not on the boat in the photo:)

We are starting in San Diego and attending the Fancy Food Show on business, then meeting up with them before we board the ship. We haven't seen each other for a while, so we are really looking forward to our time together.

We are so blessed by our friends.....God has blessed us with many over the years.....and each one is special and dear to us.

Resolutions 2008

RESOLVE: To solve anew; to decide or determine to do something
RESOLUTION: The act of resolving or reducing to a simpler form

I like the sound of that....I want to decide to reduce my life to a simpler form.....more time in the foremost priority. Organize the bits in my life; clean out my purses, closets, drawers, office. Spend more time doing life, and less time watching it. Find more ways to be God's hand extended in the lives of those around me.

Lord, I pray that you will guide me as I find anew your perfect and simpler form of doing life.

Phil 3:13-14
But one thing I do: Forgetting what is behind and straining toward what is ahead....