The Lord will fulfill His purpose for me; Your love, O Lord, endures forever ~ do not abandon the works of Your hands. Psalms 138:8


We settled into our lovely hotel in was so much more than I had hoped....just amazing.
The coliseum was definitely a highlight....the history...just to think of those who have gone before
A cross in memorial to those Christians who died a martyr's death
We walked through Villa Borghese everyday...a gorgeous park-like estate with a zoo, museums, fountains and even a lake.
Loved the streets of Rome
We walked and walked and was terrific!
Trevi Fountain
This was a restaurant I researched on-line before our trip.  It took some scouting to find it, but it was WELL WORTH the search.  Family run, real Italian food, and cozy atmosphere.
It is ranked #20 out of 4269 on Trip Advisor
And a long stroll home to walk off some of that pasta
Street markets and oh, the architecture!
A MUST HAVE - gelato cone!
Our bags are packed and we are off to catch a flight to Paris.


Our quaint room in Paris....overlooking the Pantheon

I LOVE Paris!
It is a "for sure" that we want to visit it again.

There is just something about Paris....very Parisienne I guess!

Loved strolling the streets and just "taking it in"

This night was "our anniversary dinner"  not because it was our anniversary, but because it was so amazing right from start to finish

Quaint French Restaruant - Les Papille
a 4 course meal - every bite was "OUT OF THIS WORLD"
Cream of Cauliflower soup
Lamb shank served over oven baked vegetables
Bleu cheese and figs
Apple Creme Brulee

The service was professional but personal
The food was high end with a home made taste
The entire meal was an unforgetable experience
a true event for both of us  
check it out -

We felt very blessed as we walked home that night 

Farm markets, patisseries, street side cafes

On this day, although warm, it was threatening to rain.  But this didn't effect our day at all....and there is something about Paris in the rain....who knew?!

This lady was checking into our hotel and Bob noticed her Canadian passport and found out that she was from Edmonton.  He said we do business in Edmonton at the Butterdome Craft sale....she said, "Oh, I go to the Butterdome every year to by a Cranberry Pudding"!!  Are you kidding me?! What a small world!!

Napoleon walked down this very alcove

What'd I tell you? 
Rain in Paris...fantastique!!

Went through the war museum.....Bob was a happy camper

Arc de Triomphe and of course the Effel Tower
Our time in Paris was amazing and we WILL be going back someday.
Au revoir, on to Jolly Olde England.