The Lord will fulfill His purpose for me; Your love, O Lord, endures forever ~ do not abandon the works of Your hands. Psalms 138:8

More of Cannon Beach

Here's a few more pics of our time in Cannon Beach.

Bob and I walked into the wee town for breakfast and found a lovely little spot for coffee and a shared cinnamon bun.....yummmm

On the dull day, we decided to explore the aquarium up the coast a bit....we fed the seals.... Jacob looked at the specimens....and Cole touched them...all of them.

Our lovely hotel room with a gorgeous view of the coast.
We live in a beautiful corner of the world....I love exploring it. We hadn't been to the Oregon coast for was well worth the drive.

Vacation time at Cannon Beach

The Oregon Coast is magnificent and especially Cannon Beach...we met up with P&S and the boys while they were camping there.

We found a lovely hotel right on the beach with a fireplace and ocean view....lovely.

We walked, ate fish and chips, poked thru the shops and just relaxed. It was a wonderful few days....then drove leisurely back home. (I must admit I had more than one shopping accident along the way!)

I truely believe that sometimes.....time spent "just being" is time well spent.
Just being you; just being in God's beautiful world; just being together....In my opinion, we sometimes try too hard "to do", and don't spend near enough time "just being".
I guess that goes along with - Be still and know that I am God.
Hope you can find the time to "just be" today.
Be blessed, my friends!

For this child we prayed

This is definitely a catch-up post.....time stops for no man....Kenzie is now FIVE MONTHS old....where does the time go?
My good friend Diana and her 1st granddaughter (she has SIX grandsons!) Everyone is special and loved SO much.....but the first's just fun for Diane to shop on the pink side of the store now!
Laura and Josh have been waiting a while for this wee girlie....they had a miscarriage last it is very true.....for this child we prayed.
While visiting wee Kenzie Diane, I had the honor of witnessing Josh's Grandparents hold this precious babe and pray over her....Kenzie has a strong and mighty heritage....what a blessing!
Welcome Kenzie are a special gift from God.

Grandma Rosie turns 90!

On the very day of her Birthday the brothers three and their wives had a luncheon to celebrate all things Rosie. And, yes, they do all look alike! Ron and Roger are 12 and 14 years older than Bob.....Robert was a wee surprise!

My MIL is the best MIL in the world....she is kind, and sweet....quick-witted and loving. She had missed Dad terribly since his passing.....but tries to be patient waiting for her turn to go home.

A few of her 'tablemates' and staff wishing Mum a Happy Birthday

Jacob and Cole stopped in to wish G-ma a Happy Birthday, too.
We had a Royal Celebration later in the month....I'll give the details of that special day soon.
Be blessed, dear your Mother!

Jacob's 4th Birthday

Jay-Jay turned four in June.....we had a wonderful time celebrating him. He is such a dear boy!

Apparently Jacob and Cole are all about the surprise!

Happy Birthday, Jacob, Grammie and Grampy love you!
We have been busy shopping for cars and trailers...more on that to come!