The Lord will fulfill His purpose for me; Your love, O Lord, endures forever ~ do not abandon the works of Your hands. Psalms 138:8

In Memory of Tucker

While we were away with Cranberry Creek, our dear, sweet Tucker had several seizures, and had to be put down.  He was only ten years old.  He was the best dog EVER.  He was so smart, and intuitive.  He loved with a love that was so faithful and true.
Best dog ever is an understatement.

Ya, okay, I could sometimes have some 'tude.
  But really...a red bow? 

Oh, how I loved Gramma Rosie!

Check out the matching kidding....we DID NOT plan this, but had to take a picture when we realized what we had done!

Christmas is special at our house, and Tucker got it.
One year when he was quite young, at gift opening time we saw that he was moping under the dining room table.  It seemed that he was depressed....I usually got him a stocking with doggie treats in it but hadn't bothered that year.  So I went and put a stuffed toy into a gift bag and put it under the tree.  We called Tucker over and told him that it was for kidding....he was THRILLED!  He actually unwrapped it and was happy the rest of the day!  
From then on, we store the gift bag and stuffed animal with the Christmas decorations.  When the tub was opened each year, he would sniff it out and actually take it out of the tub, happy that he had a gift again.  When all the gifts were under the tree we would tuck it under there too.  If asked, he would go and find his gift and unwrap it.....but he would never even think to tear open the other gifts.
What an amazing dog!

He was fairly patient with the kids....well, most of the time.
He knew where the kids was bound to follow.

Yes, I loved camping and yes, I had my own chair.

This was camping at Lake Chelan....he was like a puppy on that trip.

Did someone say food?....I'm there!

As long as he was with us, he was happy.....and ya, did he tell you he had his own chair?

Everyone who met Tucker, knew he was a very special dog.
He brought so much fun into our home.
We often said we didn't know what we would do without him....we knew he was irreplaceable.

~Man's best friend~
We miss you Tucker!