The Lord will fulfill His purpose for me; Your love, O Lord, endures forever ~ do not abandon the works of Your hands. Psalms 138:8

Our 39th Anniversary

Yikes!  39 years and still best friends.

We spent the day downtown...walked around and had a wonderful relaxing dinner at the Fairmont Waterfront Hotel.

Simply lovely.
A drive around Stanley Park finished off our evening.

I am SO thankful for my husband and our marriage.
We are blessed beyond what I could have ever imagined.
Thank you, Lord!

Greg and Ellisa

Our nephew married his sweetheart on a gorgeous, hot afternoon.

What a joy to see God working in the lives of our younger family members.

We were finally able to share the news about JandL's baby with our extended family...such fun!
Beautiful blessed!

Lindsey's Master's Degree Graduation

It was an honor to be a part of Lindsey's great day....such an accomplishment!

We celebrated with a dinner at the Spaghetti Factory with Steve and Lyla and my Mom.
We are SO proud of you, Linds!
May God bless you as you use your God-given talents.

1st Day

Since Paul and Shawna and the boys were living at our house for a few months, we were privileged to have the "off to school" photo at our front door.
Such dear boys!

Friends walk

Ken and Evie are the type of friends where we don't have to explain or excuse ourselves.  We simply pick up exactly where we left off....I love that!
We spent a glorious day walking, chatting and sharing, and of course eating.
We are both in the middle of the sandwich right now, so have much in common.
It is always an encouragement to spend times with friends who you know will always "have your back".

I hope you, too, have friends to share life with in a real way.

20s and 30s Reunion

During  our early years at CLA, we had a great support group....we were called the 20's and 30's...ya, so that was a while ago.  But we have a bond that spans the years.
We had a reunion of sorts....even though we all see each other coming and going at church, we don't always spend time together.  So an event was planned to just fellowship together.
It was SO good to get together....we are so blessed to have so many terrific friends to walk with along our journey here.
God is good.
All the time.

Sunday Afternoon

Out for a lovely lunch on the water on the North Shore.  Then a long walk, an ice cream reward, and a drive to Shannon Falls.
Great food, great friends, great times!


This is simply a post for Bob.....just 'cause he loves cars.

Jordan and Lindsey

This is the official....."We are expecting" photo shoot
Can't wait to meet the handsome boy that God is blessing them with!!

Mom Birthday Day

Although we had a huge birthday celebration, we went to White Rock on her exact day...just us girls.
A great excuse for a lunch out!

Mom's 90th Birthday

My Mom turned 90 and we gathered together for a terrific celebration.

Mom and her girls

My cousin Ralph flew in from Calgary to surprise Mom.
Almost the entire family was able to attend....Mom has always had a 'thing' for getting all the family together.  It made her day.

We had a special family friend, Marion and her daughter Brenda drive down from Pemberton.  Marion and Mom were neighbors over 50 years ago!  It was SUCH a great surprise for Mom.

We were quite the crowd!

Mom was simply glowing....she was so pleased!

Ya, I know....she doesn't look 90 years old, does she?
Thanks, Mom....great genes!
~Mom and her children~
Ken, me, Dianna, Teri and Bruce
My half-sister, Ruth was unable to attend.
It was a joy to have an opportunity to celebrate Mom....she was delighted and enjoyed every minute of the gathering. 

Paisley's Dedication Day


We went over for the weekend, and stayed at the same hotel we stayed in for their wedding.  Look what God has done in just a few short years....I am blessed!
May God bless you, dear wee Paisley Joy.  We LOVE you SO much!

News Flash!

As we gathered for a birthday celebration for Lindsey....J&L surprised us with terrific news of their expecting their first baby.  Yippee for me!!...and them....but yippee for Grammie!
One of life's biggest joys.....I do love my family and am so thankful for every wee addition.

Horseshoe Bay

On a warm summer's evening we drove to Horseshoe Bay for a predictable but delicious fish and chip dinner and walk.....perfect!
I really do love living in the Lower Mainland.