The Lord will fulfill His purpose for me; Your love, O Lord, endures forever ~ do not abandon the works of Your hands. Psalms 138:8

Happy Birthday, Paul and Shawna!

It's a very busy month for birthdays around the L home....three out of four of them have birthdays in November. But we just resign ourselves to party day after day after day.....tough job but somebody's gotta do it! We had a complete family gathering (the Island Princess and her loyal subjects joined us) for Paul's birthday....sorry, I was just enjoying the day so much, I didn't take even one photo!
The next weekend we celebrated Shawna's birthday....with ice cream pie, a family tradition.

Ken and Marilyn joined us last minute...always a fun time!

Blessing to our dear son-in-law, Paul and our girlie, Shawna....may God continue to bless you both throughout the coming year. We love you!

Have a wonderful day, my friends....I'm off to get myself together. We have the g-babies for the day, and I just bribed Jacob with McDonald's if he naps first.....
Oh, I do love the power of being a Grammie!!

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Remembrance Day 2008

I have not forgotten those who have gone before us so we can live a blessed life in Canada. I pray their deaths will not be in vain....that we will continue to hold dear, what they died for.
I am grateful for the men and women that continue to serve Canada in the Canadian military, our RCMP and the civic police forces across the country....I am thankful for the dedication that my own husband gave to his calling, and I pray for my son as he continues the family tradition.
It can be a thankless I, for one, say thank you.

Lest we forget
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Can you believe it?!

This photo was taken last year, at our family weekend together downtown. It all seems a blurr....where did this last year go? And it looks like it will continue to be a whirlwind right until the end.....busy, blessed, busy, happy, busy scheduling down times so we can be less busy.

God is good, I rejoice in His goodness.

Be blessed, my friends.
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Cole's 1st Birthday

Well, here is the wee man himself

We had a wonderful time over at Paul and Shawna's....Cole is such a happy critter....he is more "out-there" than Jacob...but every bit as sweet.
I count it a privilege to be called Grammie to this adorable, little gink. He is definitely going to shake-up his world, and everyone in it! Blessings to you, Cole Robert, on your first birthday!

Have a great week, dear friends.....I will be back, whenever I have a moment or two.

Be blessed.
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