The Lord will fulfill His purpose for me; Your love, O Lord, endures forever ~ do not abandon the works of Your hands. Psalms 138:8

The challenge?!

I must be nuts!
But Shawna challenged all fellow bloggers to post a picture of what we were doing right now....well...far be it from me to not take up a challenge!! So here I am waiting for the color to take on my my secret is out....and you thought it was my natural color?!

Check out my paint/hair color shirt...and my lack of make-up. Bob has always said (and he really meant it as a compliment) that he's never seen a woman that make-up does more for....I must agree! tee-hee

I would never go out of my house without make-up and hair done...but that would be facing strangers....on my blog I'm just with good friends so I know I will not be judged too harshly.

Have a great day, and don't take yourself too seriously

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Mission accomplished

So here you have natural hair color for another couple of weeks. I usually have to do my hair about every 19 or 20 days....argh! FYI - I use Faria by Loreal, and mix three or four colors together. (I pour just the color components into a large cup and stir it around, then pour it back into the bottles). This time I used 1 very dark auburn, 2 light brown and 1 very light brown. I now still have three more boxes of the exact combination. I could never find a color that was dark enough but with lighter highlights in it. So I played around until I figured it out.

I guess eventually I will have to stop the insanity.....but for now I am happily in denial.

Go color your world, my friends!
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Good friends

What makes good fellowship? Or who makes a good friend? I think that fellowship and friendship are often strengthened and deepened by life's trials and difficulties. We have seen some troublesome times with these dear friends, and they have always been there to support us. We are blessed...we may not see them as much as we did when our kids were growing up; but whenever we do get together, our fellowship is easy, the friendship sweet, and we always come away feeling blessed.
Thanks, Jim and Rhonda for all the good times spent together...we've laughed and cried, talked and listened. Thanks, too, for being there through those difficult times when you shared our burdens.
God is good, enjoy the day, my friends
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Happy Birthday, Lindsey!

Although Lindsey's actual birthday is tomorrow, we celebrated with her today. We gathered together and just relaxed over a leisurely supper, with (of course) ice cream pie. This time I changed it up from choco-peanut butter to choco-raspberry

(one of Lindsey's favorite combos)

Jacob's responding to Jacob!! Stop, pose, smile....Such a cutie!

Trevor and Christy are still away in Ontario....sorry they couldn't be with us, too.

Lindsey, I pray the year ahead will hold God's richest blessings for you. I pray that you will grow ever closer to the Lord as you walk your journey of life. Love you tons!
Thank you, Linds, for loving my son...happy birthday, hon!

Finally...the big reveal!

Out with the old and....

in with the new

This was quite the reno.....almost everything we did...we did at least twice. It started with the sub-floor....the fella (Bob) who installed the original floor glued it down with excellence in took about 13 man hours to take it up literally one square inch at a time....argh!
Take old mirrors and vanity out...fill and sand, fill and sand, fill and sand...then prime, paint..hmmm...fill and sand some more, prime and paint again.
Hang the mirror...mirror falls off the wall, breaks....hang second mirror. By this time, we were really laughing at the challenges at every turn. We expected complications with everything, and for the most part, we were not disappointed.
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The process

hmmm....Bob seems to be doing all the work...well someone had to take the photos!! That DYI dominos effect....Bob replacing the fan in the family room. Funny how changes just lead to more changes.

Our house was upside-down for quite a while, it will be great to have it back to normal.

My office before...

My office after...

Check out the cloth in the photo....reality check....(I had just finished mopping up the desk) And we won't talk about the stack of paperwork that I dropped on the floor behind me for the photo shoot.

My office was an aside from the actual powder room reno....( again, the classic dominos effect). We added the hardwood, ripped off the wallpaper border, painted and added a Cranberry Creek table...I have ordered a smaller one that will suit the small room better, but this one works fine for now. A bit of shopping....yeah for HomeSense!...and my old office has a new face.

Oh, favorite buy....the area carpet....Walmart....$29....yippee!!
One of my favorite before and afters....the old antique table that we've had forever (passed down from my Mom). I have always wanted to refinish it...but never got around to it, so I just slapped a coat of paint on am very pleased at how good it looks.

Sorry faithful table....I should have painted you years ago!

I am thankful for a husband that is a handyman, too. I have the ideas, and he brings them to reality. I am blessed. We both enjoy the before and after of a project, but I also think that we both could fast-track past the in-between.

It's time to catch up on yardwork, and some fun stuff like bike rides in the sun, and walks on the beach.

Be blessed, my friends....enjoy the summer....the days are getting shorter!

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The floors

Our home is about 18 years old....we had bleached oak hardwood in the hall, lino in the powder room, and carpet in my office. We had pros come in and add new hardwood to the two rooms and refinish old and new in a darker stain...and the color? well, Jacobean, of course! They did an amazing job, and you can't even see where the new wood begins and the old wood stops.

The result is an updated look for our front hall.
As we were in a mess anyways, I cleaned all the carpets throughout the house as well. It feels good to do the major-clean-thing.....I don't do that as often as I used to, that's for sure!

FYI - I have my own carpet cleaner now but even when I used to rent one....I have always used sudsy ammonia instead of the carpet soap they recommend. It is the best and cheapest cleaner for carpets....I add about 1/2 cup per tank, and use a stronger strength for spots and high traffic areas. The smell is not so terrific as you are doing it but the smell neutralizes once it's dry, it is easy on the carpet fibers, and doesn't leave a soapy residue to attract dirt like carpet shampoos.

Well, that's about it for the reno posts....when I look back at the last few weeks, it's no wonder that it took longer than we the middle of our mess we had a brand new grand baby, so took off to share in the joy. We also spent a day with Grandma Rosie in the hospital...she's better now.
Just a reminder that life is more about the people around you, and not so much the stuff.
Thanks for stoppin' to hear that you were here. If you're not a blogger, I know it is a bit daunting so the easiest way to leave a comment.....just click on comments, and drop me a note....sign the note with your name if you want then click anonymous. Yup, it's that simple....
Have a great day, my friends.
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Almost complete...

We are nearing the end of our home improvements :)
....I am going shopping for some decor stuff, and will post photos real soon.

Enjoy the day, my blessed

Happy Anniversary, T&C

Today is Trevor and Christy's 2nd how time flys!!
Blessings to your wee family as you continue to follow God together on your life's journey.
We are thankful for you both, and love you lots!

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What matters today....

When there is a new babe in the family....what was important yesterday just seems not so important today.
I sometimes wonder what I did for amusement before I had grandkids....I don't recall, but one thing I do wasn't as much fun as watching these wee darlings grow. My heart just expands to fill with new-found love for yet another wee one.

Oh, my this wee Denay has stolen this Grammie's Grandma Rosie would could just unch her!!
I must admit that I am having a bit of difficulty with the distant Grammie thingy.....I am truly thankful that Trevor and Christy are building a good home for their wee family in Duncan....I just wish it was "over the hill and through the woods to Grammie's house we go"!

But all together I am blessed to have three healthy, happy g-babies......God is gracious (He gives me what I don't deserve) and merciful (He doesn't give me what I do deserve).

Have a terrific day, dear ones!

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More of our wee girlie

What a priviledge it was to be in Duncan for the birth of our 1st granddaughter! She weighed in at 7 lbs 2 oz and is 18 inches long. As you can see she has a mighty stock of dark hair....but I think it will lighten up to a gorgeous color just like her Mommy's.

(Click on the photos for a closer look)

Christy did an amazing job.....she had Denay right at home...she is a regular trouper!! So far the wee one seems very content and Trevor and Christy are doing the parent thing with confidence and ease....we are so happy for them....what a blessing from our heavenly father.

God is surely good.

We stayed at the Oceanfront Resort.....such a gorgeous spot on Cowichan Bay. We stayed there almost two years ago for Trev and Christy's wedding....and now look at what God has wrought.

So much to be thankful for.....just counting my blessings and naming them one by one.

Spend some time today to count your blessed

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