The Lord will fulfill His purpose for me; Your love, O Lord, endures forever ~ do not abandon the works of Your hands. Psalms 138:8

Laughing with the Grands

Just to make you smile.....enjoy the day that God has given!

Denay's 1st birthday

Our wee Princess turned ONE YEAR OLD on July 10...and it was a joy to be able to go to the Island to celebrate with her. Even though we do not live in the Island Kingdom, we are still very loyal subjects of the Princess.
Christy did a re-bake of her 1st birthday cake...check out the photo of her and how much Denay looks like her Mommy!
I am thankful to God for His loving care of our family, but am also mindful to constantly be in prayer for these wee families as they carve out their lives.
May God's grace and mercy follow them. Amen.

A week at Grammie's

Shortly after we arrived home from Hawaii, Paul and Shawna flew off to Las Vegas for a holiday without their kidlets. Yippee! A whole week with Grammie and Grampy! Although it was exhausting, we managed to have a ton of fun with these two energetic boys.
Here's a few shots of Cole lovin' on can clearly see how unimpressed Tucker is....

It's all fun and games.....until somebody looses an eye.....

Bath and bedtime.....something to look forward to every day. They are just the sweetest boys. No Bob is not in a coma....he's just playing dead, I think. LOL

A couple of mornings the men folks got up at the crack of dawn to shake up some pancakes. The boys also 'helped' Grammie make some strawberry and raspberry jam.

A good time was had by all, and Grammie and Grampy were left in a crumpled heap at the end of the week.
Would we do it again? In a heart beat!

Another year older...

It was my birthday a couple of weeks ago....for some reason the number bugged me this year. Not a big deal...but 55 just sounds ALOT older than 54! But I have to remember that growing older is much better than the alternative of dying with that in mind...we celebrate, thank God for His mercy and grace, and eat cake, of course.
We started the day by meeting my Mom and going to Tracycakes in White Rock for brunch. The time together was great....the reception and service at the restaurant was underwhelming. But we had a nice visit despite the lack of attention.

Funny, I just noticed you can see the two blondes in the mirror, chatting (and igoring their only customers) just like they did the whole time we were there. LOL

Bob and I then continued to LaConnor for a drive...we just poked around the town and shops. We then met some great friends for dinner in Bellingham. It was a terrific day, and it was just what we both needed.

We have had some difficult days this past month....we would covet your prayers for us and our family.

The birthday celebration continued later that week with a family dinner..of course, Trevor, Christy and Denay could not be there as it was during the week.

Shawna baked the cake for dessert....and OH MY GOSH! It was this FABULOUS recipe she got from Pioneer Woman's was AMAZING! Thanks, Hon.

As you can see Jacob and Auntie Lindsey have a 'special' relationship....they love each other...ALOT!

I had a terrific birthday week, with family and friends lovin' on me. I am truly thankful for all my friends and family that sent greetings from far and know who you are.
Be blessed and enjoy the sunshine.

All together

It's not too often now that we can manage to get all together in one place....shift work, church commitments, kidlets, and just living life in general comes in the way of full family we are thankful when it happens. This was the week before Father's Day.
Hope you're having a kickin' summer...the weather is fabulous here...LOVIN" IT!!
Be blessed, my friends!

Photo Op

Well, so much for that...better luck next time!
I do love that the cousins can get together as often as they's so fun to watch them interact together.
Well, as you can see, I am finally getting some of my posting caught up....stay tuned...I have a ton more to come.
Thanks for those that bugged me to get with is nice to know that I'm missed.
Blessings to you and yours!

Just because...

it's SO butts....gotta love 'em!!

Sorry it's so short...but repeat a couple of times....just for fun!!

This is the first time a video has worked for me...YIPPEE!

Waikiki Recap

Ya, ya, ya....I's been WAY TOO long since my last post. Sorry...things have just been hectic around here, and sitting at the computer has been low on my priority list.

That being said....I love blogging and have missed please drop me a comment to say you were here!
So on to the vacation shots......we decided to go to Waikiki instead of our usual Maui. Price being the biggest factor. I wasn't too sure we would enjoy it (the last few times we've been there it was not what we were looking for in a vacation) But I was pleasantly surprised, and we had a wonderful, restful time. We stayed at the Ilikai at the north end of the was quiet, but close to the action if we wanted it. Our room was lovely...on the 20th floor with sunset views....we would highly recommend the spot.
(click on the photos for a closer look)
We rented a car for a couple of days and drove around the island....again, just so relaxing. Stopped at Turtle Bay Resort for lunch.

Hanama Bay to snorkel.....although snorkelling in front of our hotel was just as fun and alot less busy. On the days we didn't have a car, we took the city the Aloha Tower and Fisherman's wharf, Honolulu downtown and Chinatown. We drove to the Punchbowl on Memorial Day.....there were flags placed on every single grave...I love how patriotic Americans are.

A fisherman just up from the Ko'Olina Resort
We rented bikes and had a great time riding along the Ala Wai Canal, the beach and Ala Wai Park. Top left photos is our spot on the Lagoon in front of our condo...overlooking Diamond Head.

One of the old grand, stately hotels....The Royal Hawaiian

Roger and Vicki flew over for the last 10 days of our holiday.....we actually the ones to 'crash' their holiday. They won the airfare from Westjet, so we decided to co-ordinate our time with theirs. We always have a great time together. This photo of the four of us was taken in the 'before'....
Our nightly walk through the hotels and along the beach
We found some great spots that, even though we had been to Waikiki, were new to us, and then, we went back to some old familiar spots that we always enjoy. Top left is a sunset from our lanai.

We toured the island with Roger and Vicki....this was in the 'after'.
Okay so the story of the "before and after"....Three days into R&V's stay, they went for the day to the Polynesian Cultural Center. While walking through the buffet line for dinner, Vicki was struck in the back by a rolling/falling 8x6 ft lattice wall. It dropped her to the floor, and although no broken bones she really got hurt. Argh! So that was it for the holiday as they knew it....she couldn't walk for long, couldn't sleep laying down, couldn't swim, couldn't sit for was so disappointing for them! The Center was really good, but nothing could really redeem there holiday back....they made the best of it though, and Vicki is not one to complain so we all just tried to adjust and accommodate what would work for Vicki.
She has been suffering alot of pain since then, but is slowly on the mend. And, yes, they are working through a lawyer regarding some compensation.

Vicki was such a trooper....she still made the best of our time together.
Our last night along Waikiki
There is just something so restful about the surf, sun and sand....I am truly thankful for the times we are able to spend in Hawaii.

God is good. All the time.

Thanks for stoppin' by, my friends, please let me know you've been is encouraging to hear from you!

I've still got tons to catch you up on.....stay tuned!