The Lord will fulfill His purpose for me; Your love, O Lord, endures forever ~ do not abandon the works of Your hands. Psalms 138:8

DYI - revealed

A few months ago we started this has been finished for a while but it has just taken me some time to get around to posting photos.

So here's the story....we had a guest room that was seldom used (we have a suite in the basement that is well used) and Bob and I have been under-closet-ed for years. The plan was to turn the bedroom right next to ours into a closet/change room....since we are by ourselves for the most part, it's really not a big deal to cross the hall to our closet. The room isn't very large, and the Ikea closet systems it took a while for us to decide if this really was a good idea or not.

Before After

But at the end of the day, we are very pleased with the added space....and with the added space comes the bonus of greater organization....I know at a glance where everything is.

Before After

I found this adorable chandelier at Home Depot....I wee bit glam for Bob, but he's manly enough to get over it.
We took down the bigger antique ironing board, and bought a smaller one to hang on the back of the door. Bob rigged up the iron on the side of the cabinet, away from sight but ready to use at a moment's notice.

One of my favorite features is the pant hanger holds almost 30 pairs of pants/skirts/capris/shorts....and rolls out for you to see them all....LOVE IT!

The closet in the new closet room was my 'Martha gift wrap closet' but we've transferred that to another room, and now I have a closet designated only for my shoes.....I know it looks a wee bit excessive, but some of these shoes are more than 10 years old, and I still wear them....that is almost down right frugal, don't ya think?!

My entire inspiration for the room was this poster I found on line. I don't know what it is about it....maybe it's the leopard print wrap, or the big bed, or even the name 'Dressing Bunny'....but I just fell in love with the print.
I had the yellow leather cubes in the family room, but they are perfect for this space.
I found the perfect spot to hang a trio of loveable G-kidlets...I think it just finished off the space.
Well, I'm off to Honolulu tomorrow....I'll try and post from there when I need a rest from the beach (like that's gonna happen!)
Be blessed where ever you are, my friends.

Mother's Day re-cap

We enjoyed a great brunch at the Fort Langley Golf's the best kept secret so it's not as busy as most places on Mother's Day. We've been going here for years now, and it has yet to disappoint.

I missed getting a shot of the waitress was coming around to refill our coffees, he quietly held up his cup to be included in the offerings....the waitress played along and poured a drop in his cup, cream was added...he sniffed it (he sniffs everything!) and that was that.

A shot of all of the Mainlanders....the Islanders were having a Mother's Day celebration of their own, since this was the very first for Christy.
While everyone else was finishing up their desserts, Shawna and I took the boys outside to run off some of their pent-up energy....they went running off down the hill, with Shawna in hot pursuit. The next thing we knew they were crossing over to the pond....and Cole didn't even break his stride...he walked right into the water and began to paddle.

All participants and spectators responded in an expected fashion:

I did what any good G-ma would do in a similar situation.....I screamed.

Shawna did what any good Mama would do in a similar situation....she stepped in and grabbed him in one fell swoop.

The golfers sitting out on the patio did what any good sportsman would do in a similar situation...they applauded.

And Jay did what any good big brother would do in a similar situation....he tried to keep a closer eye on his wayward brother the rest of the afternoon. (muttering under his breath...No, Cole; No, Cole.)

After our brunch we headed into the Fort town for a walkabout...we checked out the vintage cars, window shopped, and sat and waited for the train....

We climbed around the old caboose and jusst enjoyed each other's company.

We live in a beautiful part of the world, and I must make a point of taking more time to enjoy it with my family more often.

The sweet smell of lilac

This reminds me of the song...He, the pearly gates will open, so that I may enter in, For He purchase my redemption, and forgave me all my sin

Bob and I had a wonderful time with my Mom on Saturday morning, and had a visit with his Mom later in the afternoon on Sunday. We are thankful for both our Moms (they are in their late 80's). We pray that God continues to bless them and give them peace.

Hope you had a great Mother's Day.

PS: Just need to be honest here and let you know that even though I choose to write about the brighter parts of my life, does not mean that everything is rosy, all the time. I have, over the years, had really crappy Mother's Days.
Sometimes it was because of my unreasonable expectations, or that I failed to communicate my needs to my hubby in a timely manner. (Like a year in advance, with friendly reminders leading up to the day.) I have also had poor responses to my Mother's Day plans for my extended family, and have been disappointed time after time.
I remember one Mother's Day when Shawna was just 6 months old. We had decided to have a quite celebration lunch with just our wee family. We went to a family restaurant and from the moment we sat down, Shawna ( an ALWAYS happy baby) cried, and cried, and fussed, and cried. The only relief we got was when one of us would take her into the washroom. We finally figured that the restaurant wall colors had set her off (they were orange and bright pink) and the washrooms was in brown tones. Needless to say, it was not the lunch that I had envisioned, we ate in shifts, and left frustrated.
All that to say, we all have a choice on how we set ourselves up for disappointments. I am still learning, but think that I have grown over the years to really try to accept with a thankful heart what blessings come my way, and to not give too much attention to the storm clouds that always seem to gather at the edge of my most joyful and sunny of days.

Delight yourself in the Lord and He will give you the desires of your heard
Psalms 37:4

Be blessed, and thanks for droppin' by

Living room tour

Boy, did that week fly by! Kelly is back at it with her home tour...this week it's living rooms. Come on in and set a spell.....

Our living room is fairly formal, although nothing formal ever goes on in there. When the wee ones are over, it is transformed into a ball room....dancing to their favorite tunes. When the whole family is over, this is just another spot to gather....and usually someone lays out on the floor in front of the fireplace for a snooze.

It's not a large room, and I think that makes it cozy....I am a furniture mover (my MIL calls it nesting) so often the furniture is re-arranged just for fun. I also change the accent pillows for the different seasons.

I guess my eyebrow window is dated now....but I still love it.

The room is open to the dining room and makes for a large space for holiday dinners.
The truth sometimes hurts!

This was a gift from out kids for our 35th wedding anniversary...I just love it!

And this picture was a gift for my hubby quite a few Christmases ago....I was in Edmonton, and was wasting time shopping before I flew home. I saw this picture, and knew I had to get is a great reminder of the blessings that are added when Jesus is invited into our lives.

Well, I hope you enjoyed the tour...

Happy Mother's Day to all!


We had two hockey fans over for a few days this week....apparently they like to garden
(The 'no one's smiling' picture was Jacob's idea for a great shot....he lined himself and Cole up and asked me to snap it.....reminds me of old one ever smiled in their photos either LOL)

Muck about in the water fountain....
and hunt in the jungle....

Amazing how 'little helping hands' make for a fun (although drawn-out) gardening day.

Enjoy the day that God has given
Be blessing, my friends!

Kitchen tour

Just for fun, I've joined a kitchen tour over at Kelly's.....hope you enjoy the tour!

Our house is 18 years old, but we have updated bit by bit...a new light fixture here, added knobs appliances and granite counter tops were the last addition.

It isn't the largest of kitchens, but I had a hand in designing it, and it works very well for me. I had a hard time convincing the cabinet maker to step down the end of the island....but it is a fabulous space for me....since I'm only 5' 1" tall, it makes the perfect place to bake from. The drawers underneath hold all my baking utensils, bowls, flour and sugar bins....everything is right where I need it. Just talking about it makes me thankful for my wee kitchen.

I even placed the dishwasher in just the right spot so that I can unload it and place almost all the dishes and cutlery in their spots while standing in one spot (lazy or what?!)

At one time we had a table with benches to accommodate our family of three growing the smaller round table does us just fine.

I love the way the sun comes into our eating area all day's cheery on even the dull days.

The only thing that is a challenge for me (and I'm sure you would agree) is the telephone desk and the junk it seems to attract....where does it all come from?!

Apparently, Tucker is a bit of a photo hound! LOL

Shawna has me hooked on white china pieces....I especially like milk jugs. The Hummel was made by my I guess you could call it a Mummel....Oh, the bad humour is just pouring out of me....someone please stop me!!

The high chair has been in our family for over 50 years now....we painted and recovered it to match our kitchen. One of my favorite aspects of my kitchen is the view. We had the window specially made and for almost everyone else the crossbar is right in their sight line....but not for me! I get a clear view of the trees and beyond to the Serpentine Valley.

Thanks for stoppin' by....have a wonderful day!

For all the SAHM's out there

A Mother's Work
TGIF Today God Is First
Volume 2, by Os Hillman 05-01-2009

"Children, obey your parents in the Lord, for this is right. Honor your father and mother - which is the first commandment with a promise - that it may go well with you and that you may enjoy long life on the earth" (Eph 6:1-3).

One of the great tragedies of society today is the minimizing of the work performed daily by stay-at-home moms. Women who decide to stay home to raise their kids are a rare breed indeed. They must overcome the stigma of comparison to others who pursue careers outside the home. They fail to get the feelings of accomplishment that can come from a career. They are the unseen missionaries of our day. There will be a special reward for these selfless servants.
Without the commitment of our stay-at-home moms we would not have some of our greatest leaders. "All that I am, or hope to be, I owe to my angel mother," said Abraham Lincoln.

Though poor, Ida Stover was determined to go to college. She scraped together enough money to attend Lane College in Lecompton, Kan., where she met fellow student David Eisenhower. She was known as a firm but gentle disciplinarian and was deeply religious. It is said she once won a prize for memorizing 1,365 Bible verses. As a pacifist, she was not in favor of her son attending West Point but decided to let him go. She was the mother of Dwight David Eisenhower, one of the greatest U.S. presidents.

Mary Litogot grew up on a farm, and met her future husband, William Ford, when he came to work on their farm. She was 12 and he was 26. They married nine years later. Mary was self-sufficient and a diligent worker. Henry later attributed his clean factories to her belief in cleanliness. She encouraged his interest in machines early on. He later said, "I have tried to live my life as my mother would have wished. I believe I have done, as far as I could, just what she hoped for me." She was the mother of Henry Ford.*

Has God called you to be a stay-at-home mom? Know that your obedience and sacrifice will be recognized by the Lord.

May your day be filled with joy....especially those who have chosen to stay home and accept the task of doing things that are never seen or often overlooked....

May God grant you quiet fulfillment in your heart today and a harvest of countless benefits in your children's lives tomorrow.