The Lord will fulfill His purpose for me; Your love, O Lord, endures forever ~ do not abandon the works of Your hands. Psalms 138:8

Wedding Bells for Chris and Jamie

A very close friend of Paul and Shawna's married the love of his life at Minter Gardens in Chilliwack. It was a bit of a nail-biter, 'cause it was a cloudy weekend, threatening rain. But fortunately the clouds just provided the best picture taking light, and didn't drop one drop on the happy couple.

Chris found Jamie on "", and it's amazing how well matched they are. It is kinda wierd, but it seems to have worked for many couples....God works in mysterious ways His wonders to perform!

We were able to have a great visit with Paul's Mom and Dad....we just don't seem to get together too often, but it's good to see them when we do. We walked the gardens together while we waited for the reception....just a gorgeous place...we'd never been before so it was a real treat.

Wishing the newlyweds God's very best as you begin your life journey together.
Be blessed, my friends, and thanks for stopping by!

Shower for Rhe & Jord

My niece is getting married this a couple of weeks ago I hosted a family Jack and Jill shower for Rheanne and her fiance, Jordan.

(Not to be confused with the other Jordans in the family) We have Big Jordan (our j), our nephew little Jordan (that's what he used to be called, but he is in NO WAY little anymore, he's 6 foot somethin' and just graduated university), then we have our niece Jordyn who's Mom married our nephew when Jordy was only 4 years old. Phew! And now Rheanne's Jordan...a fine name for a fine young man....and apparently a family name at that!

Jordan and Rheanne have been dating for over 6 years ....IT'S ABOUT TIME!
Praying that you two will be blessed beyond measure with every good and perfect gift from our Father above.
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Today's moment is a Cranberry Creek moment....I may write a book one day...but until then, this will have to do.

We were in Calgary at the Art Market...a beautiful show in an up-scale venue. Bob was on the front line, serving tastes of the pudding. He had a string of people turn up their nose at him, and then one particularly rude woman just sent him over the edge. He handed off the tray of samples and came back to the kitchen and began to rant...."What is the matter with people?" Why do they have to be so rude?" "Why are we doing this, anyways?" "I don't think I can do this anymore!" I just consoled him, tried to encourage him, and sent him back out to the warfront. After he left the kitchen, I prayed for him, for our business, for understanding on why we are even doing it.

What took place next was so amazing yet simple and had God's signature all over it.

When Bob returned to his sampling spot, he began, "Would you like to try some Cranberry Pudding?" Up steps a wee elderly man in a shirt, tie and red cable knit sweater. He was VERY wee, and VERY elderly, and his sweater was VERY red.

He looked Bob right in the face and said, "Why yes, and this is why I am here. I come every year just to buy my one small makes my Christmas, you know. I'm so glad you are here again this year, I don't know what I'd do if ever you don't come."

Bob managed to finish up with the gentleman, and then came back into the kitchen where we both wept....and thanked God for bringing the wee man in the red sweater. We sometimes get so focus on the "big picture" that we forget to zoom in and look closely at just one person, or just one kind word, or just one minute in time.

Take time to zoom in on the never know when God may touch it and turn it into a moment.

Boys will be boys

There is just something about the way brothers play together....the push-me-pull-me that goes on....and on...and on. It is surprising that any children survive their siblings.

That's all I've got for today.....enjoy the siblings God has given you!

Cultus Lake

We went out to Cultus Lake on one of the hotter days was gorgeous as usual and the lake was VERY warm. It usually is not because it is such a deep lake....I guess the long hot spell has done it's work on it.

Ouf friends Steve and Lyla joined was a super day filled with relaxing, visiting and eating. Who could ask for more?

Well, I'm off to enjoy some more of this terrific weather.....enjoy the day, my friends!

The Cascade loop

We went on a driving trip through the Cascade Loop. If you have never been should go.
It is a gorgeous drive with a few small towns dotting the drive just enough for stops for lunch, overnight stays and of course ice cream.

We arrived at Winthrop (win-throw-up to our kids) and it was sweltering hot, but we found a great shady spot to sit and have dinner. It is a "western" themed town....we have terrific memories of camping here when the kids were younger.
We strolled along the river, laid in hammocks, and walked the town with ice cream cones in hand.

Our next stop the next day was Levenworth...the Bavarian Alps town. Note the dancing in the photo....Austrian polka music was playing everywhere!

We happened upon these kids jumping off the bridge while others meandered down the just struck me as such a small town America could have been 1956.
Life is good when you can find a watering hole on a scorchingly hot day.

Stay cool, enjoy your day, eat ice cream.
God bless you in all you do.

A throne for the Princess

We bought a camping chair for Denay and here she is trying it on for size.....Isn't she just a cutie?!
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Don't you just love summer?

This photo was taken a while ago, but since more hot weather is on it's way I thought I would post it now to get into the feel of hot, hot, hot.
Watching the kidlets having fun together.....such a joy!
Hope you can enjoy the sunny days, my friends.

Six-Pak Shower

For those of you that are new to my life history....I have a group of friends...we're called the six-pak. We try to get together several times through the year....our friendship started in the church nursery and has continued over the years.
What a blessing to have friends that are on your speed matter what. They are there for you....good times, bad times; births, deaths; to laugh with you and cry with you; to pray with you and just to be there.
Recently a book shower was held for our sweet Denay. Christy and her Mom were able to bring the Princess over for the occasion.

We had a wonderful dinner was a girls night only (with the exception of a 6 day old g-boy)....and the number of girls? Six of us - 20 "Dotters" (our daughters and daughters-in-law) and 14 g-girlies.....who wooda thunk? Not everyone was able to attend...some were away on vacation, others live across the country, but we all LOVE our times together so if possible we're there.

It was a VERY warm night, so at the end of the evening some of the girlies jumped in the pool....and some of the Moms just couldn't resist.....clothes and all!!

One thing about the six-pak....there is NEVER a dull moment!
Thanks, Marilyn for hosting a great evening!
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Monday's Moments

Life is not one big happy constant holds good moments and not so good moments; fleeting moments and moments that linger way too long. I have been made aware recently of the moments of my life and how VERY special some of those moments much so that they must be recorded and shared.

What would life be without the gift of special moments?

God is good.

All the time.

I am thankful for every minute of life that God gives, but there are times when the minute becomes a moment suspended in time. A special gift from God himself, if we take the time to notice.
Because of these mundane minutes transformed into memorable moments by God's grace, I feel compelled to have "Monday's Moments" every so often. A place where I can record and share with you some of the special moments God has given to me and mine. I trust you will enjoy sharing these moments with me, and will be encouraged to look for God's hand as He changes your minutes into moments.
This Monday's Moment.....

While we were in Honolulu, we went for dinner at the Spaghetti Factory....a little background to set the scene....I found out that the restaurant was having an amazing special...all their complete dinners for 40% off to celebrate their 40th anniversary. Dinner for two for $12.50! Salad, fresh baked bread, spaghetti of choice, ice cream and beverage! I LOVE a good deal so I was up to go there. Bob was not. He figured that we were in Hawaii and every dinner should have an awesome ocean view (the SF is in a warehouse type mall with few windows, and is furnished with dark antiques). When we arrived we were escorted to a table in front of a two story window with a view of Fisherman's Wharf....SWEET! Dinner was great...we just enjoyed the view, each others company and the familiar food.

That would have been great if that was it....but God decided to change our minute into a moment.....before we left we went to the restrooms....they are upstairs by the's a mezzanine overlooking the entire restaurant.
As we both came out of the restrooms....this four or five part harmony broke out and filled the entire room...

We looked over the balustrade to see a table of about 12 young Hawaiians standing at their table, holding hands and singing grace. The place was filled with the sounds of God's people praising could almost hear the angels in Heaven joining in...everyone stopped and listened. Hallelujah...Hallelujah.....praise God....thank you Lord.

We stood in awe as they sang...I cried as I too praised my God for His goodness to me. I cry now as I re-tell it.

And then the moment was over....the whole restaurant broke out in applause....and everyone went back to what they were doing before they were interrupted by the moment.

We left the restaurant with a sense of God's blessing on us and with a special memory forever etched in our hearts and minds of when God turned a regular minute into a special moment.

Be blessed today...and look for the moments!


I think I have finally got a handle on the laundry~it's taken over 30 years~but I think it's under control!
I have had friends who put me to shame~and you know who you are! The one who LOVES to iron. Or the one who every morning gets up at some un-Godly hour and the first thing she does is put on the coffee and put a load of laundry in~her laundry is folded and put away before I've had a chance to brush my teeth!
But I still LOVE fresh laundry~all folded and clean.
And I LOVE to bleach my whites. I have always, every so often collected all the whites in the house~clean or dirty~and done a bleach day. Towels, facecloths (I buy the big package of white ones at costco~they're great!), socks, teatowels and dishcloths. I soak them in a HOT, STRONG solution of bleach water for a few hours, then I do a regular hot wash.
Then I take some of my colored stuff that's looking dingy and carefully bleach them, too. I have yet to find a product that works like bleach~and for me, I can't live a bleachless life.
Somehow it makes me feel like I have accomplished much if my towels and Bob's socks are really white.
Do you have any great laundry tips?
Well, if I don't win a prize for the "Most Random Post" I'll be mighty disappointed!
~Blessings to you and may all your laundry be clean and folded~

Derby Reach

We went for a picnic at Derby Reach and it was glorious.

It was spur of the moment, and not fancy....I brought chicken salad (canned chicken from Costco - not bad!) and a few cut veggies/condiments/cheese to add to some wraps, our friends brought a simple salad...drinks and ice and bingo - a picnic was born.

It reminded me how very simple it is to make a memory....sometimes just gettin' up and doin' it is all that is required.

Get up and make a memory.....enjoy what God has given you today.

Blessings to you and yours!

Stand off

It was a bit of a Mexican stand off in the backyard the other day....eventually the 'Possum meandered off...Tucker stood his ground and seemed proud that he had circumvented a breech in the perimeter of the compound.

That's all I have for today....

The Princess....

required the services of a couple of her loyal subjects. So off we went to the Island Kingdom to babysit her while her M&D were at a family wedding.

These shots were taken of her as she prepared for a photo shoot with all the rest of the family...although she wasn't in the royal dressing chambers, she made the best of the situation in the front seat of our car.

It was a quick trip over and back, but we had a great time together with the Princess and her parental units. Any time spent with the kidlets is a good time!

Be blessed, and enjoy whatever you're doin'!