The Lord will fulfill His purpose for me; Your love, O Lord, endures forever ~ do not abandon the works of Your hands. Psalms 138:8

Just in case....

you're wondering why I haven't been blogging as frequently....this is where I've been and the mess I have been making. The paperwork from our busy season just sits and waits for me....lucky me!! So I am now plowing through it....I'm sure others could do it faster, but by doing it myself, I can review all the numbers as I go and it helps with next year's projections.

Hope you have a great day and find a closet to clean on this another new snowy day.

I have a new DYI project on the go...stay tuned for pics of before and after.
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You light up my life...

The island princess and her entourage were over for a visit this weekend....what a treat!! We had lots of time to cuddle the wee girlie, a great time of relaxing and visiting, and us girls even went on a shopping spree...uhhh...bender in the states. A good time was had by all!!
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Just had to share

My dear SIL she is at Palm Springs two years ago now.....I don't think she has ever dyed her hair...ever...well she took the plunge last week, and this is the result
Doesn't she look amazing!! She looks 10 years younger and just so healthy looking....I think she was very brave to make the's not easy to do. But she loves her new look, and so does Roger....after she had her appointment she was meeting him at the mall....he walked right past her - he didn't even recognize her!!
Love, LOVE, love it, go girl!!
Hope this encourages you to step out and make a change in your life today
Be blessed my friends!

Christmas Gala

Just looking through my photos, and found a few that I hadn't shared with you...this was the Women's Wednesday Christmas event that Shawna and her friend Lisa organized.
My Mom, SIL, Marilyn and me....great time to get dressed up and have a visit
Carina Cantelon's Mom sharing a few Christmas traditions
Shawna and Lisa...after the evening and still looking fabulous.....a job well done, girls!!

My word for 2009

I was challenged by Shawna to find a word to define my goals for 2009.....I thought first that I would need more than one word, but when I researched my words, I was amazed at how long and involved the definition was....the word is larger than I had ever considered it to be. So I found that one word would be sufficient, and would definitely keep me busy working and striving towards my goals.

My word is FOLLOW:

to go or come after; move behind in the same direction: That I would follow Christ, be behind Him and move in the same direction.

to accept as a guide or leader; accept the authority of or give allegiance to: To accept the Godhead as my ultimate authority, give my full allegiance to Christ.

to conform to, comply with, or act in accordance with; obey: to read God's word and obey and act in accordance with it.

to imitate or copy; use as an exemplar: to become a model or pattern to be copied or imitated; to be a Godly example for others to follow as I follow Christ.

to move forward along: I love not stand still, to move forward in my walk with Christ.

to go after or along with (a person) as companion: to be a Godly mate for my husband

to go in pursuit of: to pursue righteousness.

to try for or attain to: to set a high standard and try to reach for it

to engage in or be concerned with as a pursuit: To direct my thoughts and concerns to that of Godly issues, not worldly ones.

to watch the movements, progress, or course of: to watch over my family; to care for each one's spiritual well being.

to watch the development of or keep up with: to follow God as my source to lead me in worldly matters and not rely on the news.

to keep up with and understand as in story or concept: Set out to really understand God's word as it applies to me.

to come next after something else in sequence: To allow God to be first in all things, to step back into second place.

to attend or serve: To attend to the needs of others, to be a servant under Christ.

to result as an effect; occur as a consequence: That as a consequence of my following Christ others would say "It follows then that sh e must be a Christian"; that my light would so shine that others would see Christ.

So there you have word for 2009...follow. I pray that you too, dear friends, will find time to consider your goals for 2009, and that God would stir your heart to follow Him.

Christmas catch-up

Well, I've finally found the time to sit and get caught up on my blogging..... I've missed being here...please let me know you're glad to have me to hear from you!!

The snow is starting to melt.....the rain has set in.....all is right with the world.
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Fact stranger than fiction....

In early December, on their way home from Palm Springs, my sister Teri and Rodger stopped in Redding California. While staying at a motel for the night, Teri had a fairly severe heart attack....hang on's where the story gets weird.

They weren't sure if they still had medical coverage, so she did nothing. They got up in the morning and.....okay, gets stranger still....she drives home....yes, 13 hours straight. Once she crosses the border she heads straight the hospital....but to see her grandkids. After she was there for a while, she then told Robert what had happened and that she was now on her way to the hospital.

She has done severe damage to her heart, and the outcome is yet to be determined. She has had two stints put in arteries that were blocked 100%; she has three others blocked 70% that will be dealt with in the near future. While being absolutely blown away by my sister's flippant attitude regarding her health....I am truly thankful for God's grace in this situation.

Again, another obvious example of "tragedy eclipsed by God's grace"....

Dear Lord, help us all to be more aware of your grace - ever present - in our lives.
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Christmas fun....

I had wanted to get a snow picture of everyone as they left....even asked to be reminded...but still forgot to get one of Jord & Linds...argh! But I did manage to take a few action shots on Auntie Linds chasing Jacob.....can't tell who is enjoying it more.

Trevor, Christy and Denay....our wee princess

Paul, Shawna, Jacob and Cole

Just having some fun in the snow.
We've enjoyed great times with family and friends, had some quiet times to reflect on God's grace and mercy....

Played games, watched the Christmas movies......always It's a Wonderful Life, of course!

And at the end of the days....fell asleep rejoicing at God's goodness.
Hope you had a wonderful time with your family and friends.
Blessings to you from me.

Christmas Day

A few years ago, we noticed that Tucker would get sullen when every one was opening their gifts...okay, I know this is crazy, but true!! So we always have a gift under the tree for him....he actually can sniff it out, and open it...he gets all excited...and doesn't sulk when we open our gifts now. He thinks he's a boy...don't tell him he's only a dog!!
We had such a great time with everyone together...and of course, the kids made is oh, so much more fun!!

Every Christmas is a bit different than the last, but I always come away so thankful for all of God's blessings to us, especially the gift of His son to us.
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Christmas Morning

This year, we spent a very quiet day together, just the two of us....well, three of us.

We were having a very late dinner together with all the kids, so the day was very relaxing....we slept in abit, shared brunch as we opened our gifts. Things sure have changed over the years.....but neither of us were disappointed to have such a quiet day....we knew we would be surrounded with our family soon enough.
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Christmas Eve

For years, we have had a quiet, roast beef dinner by candle light on Christmas Eve... then off to church for the wonder of celebrating the birth of our Saviour in the sweet, quiet of the Eve of Christmas. But with the addition of in-law families and the sharing of time, we have deleted our Christmas Eve tradition to allow room for new traditions for our kids.

This year, Paul and Shawna found themselves at home, so called last minute to ask if we could come over for a roast beef we bundled up and trekked over. Since Jordan was working, Lindsey joined us, too. It was quiet and relaxing, just the way Christmas Eve should be....we ended up not going to church....the timing was off but we rejoiced in our hearts.
We came home and went for a quick walk in the crisp night...I do love snow at Christmas!
Tucker wearing his new sweater...designed and knit by Lois' Mom, May (she's 93!) Thanks, May....Tucker loves his new sweater!!
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Happy New Year!!

I have tons of posting to catch-up on....just wanted to wish you all a Happy New year....stay tuned....I'm finally back!!
Be blessed as you forge ahead into this new year....May God be ever present in your thoughts and plans.
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Happy Birthday, Joan!

Today is my dear friend, Joan's birthday.....she's far away by miles; but so close by heart. May God richly bless you today and all year through!! Love you, Joan!!
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