The Lord will fulfill His purpose for me; Your love, O Lord, endures forever ~ do not abandon the works of Your hands. Psalms 138:8


I am not exactly a Facebookie, but there are times when I am thankful for it.  Connecting and catching up with long-time (not old) friends is one of the great advantages to it.

Loretta and I go WAAAYYY back....we were next door neighbors through junior and senior high school.  She was in my wedding....we had fun in trouble together....babysat get it.  We were great friends.

Over the years we lost touch, but thanks to Facebook, we recently had lunch together.  It was SO terrific to see her again....she has aged so gracefully, just as I thought she would.  Lovely friend at 16, lovely friend now.

We could have chatted for another day or's so fun to hear about her kids, and how God has brought us both such terrific husbands.  We're thinking that maybe next time we should include the guys....maybe.

Be blessed, dear friends, and I hope you can have lunch with a long-time friend soon!

Trevor's birthday

 My baby is 30 years old!
Wow!  No more kids in their twenties...I remember my thirtieth birthday like it was yesterday.
What happened?
Trevor is a delight and he is not happy until he makes you laugh.
I am so thankful and proud of the man he has become and the family he has established.
We had a wonderful celebration all together, including wee Beckham.
Praying God's blessings on you all the year through, Trev!

At home with Beckham

Okay, this baby is not to be believed!  He is so passive and chilled....what a great transition for Jordan and Lindsey.  I'm sure he will eventually turn into a real baby, but for now this dollie is making it easy on his Mommy and Daddy....what a blessing!

The Island chapter arrived and headed straight over to see the new cousin

I LOVE spring ~ babies and blossoms
You melt Grammie's heart, Wee Beckham!

Welcome Baby B!!

                                          So the wait is over....our 5th G-baby has arrived!
It is my pleasure to introduce
~Beckham Jordan McClelland~
(We knew his name started with a B ~ I LOVE his name!)
Born April 12, 2012
weighing in at 7lbs 12 oz

The delivery was SO quick and Lindsey did a stellar job!

I kinda got caught with my pants down....or should I say, my hair curled. 
Beckham was in such a rush when he finally decided to arrive, I was afraid I would miss out on the moment so I didn't take the time to straighten my hair...bah-ha-ha

My Mom was able to come within a few hours of his birth.
It is at times like these that my heart could just burst for joy.

God has blessed our family with an adorable, healthy baby boy.
Beckham Jordan McClelland is the first of the next generation to continue the Robert McClelland name.

We are so blessed ~ Thank you, Lord!

Tony and Cherilyn's Wedding

Tony is the last of Paul's friends to get married. 
We have grown to love Tony over the years....he is such a terrific guy. 
We pray God's riches blessings on your marriage!