The Lord will fulfill His purpose for me; Your love, O Lord, endures forever ~ do not abandon the works of Your hands. Psalms 138:8

My Oh My!

I just had to post this....a blast from the past. 

Don and Trudy, Ken and Louise, and Bob and I and the nine kidlets.  I love that we still have relationship with each of them....I'm still "Auntie Jo" to the kidlets now with kidlets of their own.
The family of God ~ Such a gift!

Celebration X 40

We first met Ken and Louise before our youngest, Trevor and their youngest, Andrew were born and we've been friends ever since.  We don't see each other often, but we seem to celebrate occasions together....and this was no exception.  Their kids planned a surprise dinner to celebrate their 40th wedding anniversary and it was a joy to be part of such a gathering.
I am so thankful God has brought such rich relationships into our lives.....amazing friends who have done life right along side us.  Oh, how we have laughed.....oh, how we have cried.  But we have found comfort doing it together.
Happy 40th Anniversary, Ken and Louise....we have seen God's grace served in abundance over your life...thanks for sharing and spreading it around.

Family Wedding

What a joy to share a day together with family celebrating such a joyous occasion....Bob's brother Roger and Vicki's first grandchild to be wed.....Rick and Pam's oldest and first child.....Laura married her southern gentleman Lane.
The day was sunny and warm, sweet and simple, lovely and elegant
The Bob Mac's that were able to attend....we missed Trevor and Christy but it was too close to baby No. 2 to be away across the line in Washington State.
The atmosphere was relaxed and we had plenty of time to sit and chat with family that we love but don't see just gets too busy....but this day we stopped and enjoyed each other....caught up with who's kids were doing what. 
And we saw God's hand on two young lives....what a joy...pure and simple.
We drove home feeling an amazing sense of wellbeing....of contentment.  It was a REALLY good day as we witnessed God's blessing upon our family....God IS good.  ALL the time.

Derby Reach

Some of our home group met up and walked the Fort Trail and enjoyed some fresh strawberry pie....Mmmm
Jacob and Cole were along for fun.....

Watching Cole's ball float away down the river.....oops
George brought an old chorus book....we sang our way through a pot of coffee
Isn't the world around us beautiful?  I love living in the lower mainland of BC
Stop and take the time to enjoy the world around you today.

Be blessed, dear friends!

Whistler in the Summertime....

Okay, so I'm trying to catch up on all the posting that I've failed to post over the summer....with the fall now set into full swing it seems like old news.....sorry but here's another look back on some summer fun.
We were able to spend a few days in Whistler.....thanks to Michael and Jen for their gorgeous townhouse.
Steve and Lyla joined us spur-of-the-moment and we had a great time just chillin' together.

Summer Visit

We spent a terrific morning over brunch with our dear friends Mark and Anna along with their dear g-girl, Berea.  They now live in Calgary....and Anna is one of our best Cranberry Creek girls. 

Always good to catch up with long-time friends....I love being able to just pick-up where you left off.
God has blessed us richly.  I am thankful.

Denay turns two...

 On a gorgeous July weekend, we crossed the water to the Island to celebrate our wee Denay's second birthday.  She is such a dollie....I just love her so. 

As you can see, Trevor had the barbie well under control....ha! 
We always enjoy our time on the Island, and this was no exception.

I am so thankful that all our kids and kidlets are close by.....even if we need to catch a ferry to see some of them....I know that I am blessed, and thank God for the close relationship we all share.

We are camped out on the Island as I write this....awaiting the arrival of the newest member of the Mac Family- Island Chapter.  Stay tuned!

Granville Island Theater

This past year we had season tickets to the Granville Island Theater.  This evening we met up with a bunch of good friends for dinner and on to the theater.....I love Vancouver and always enjoy our time spent there....especially with great company.

Kinda fun to star watch, too....we had "Will" of Will and Grace at the table next to us....he was performing at the Stanley Theater later that evening.

Blessings to y'all

Close to home camping

We took advantage of a window of sunshine and crossed the border to Lynden to camp.  Jordan and Lindsey came and spent Sunday afternoon with us.....sorry, no photos.  But we had a great time poking thru the only antique store open in town, enjoyed chatting and eating, had a fire and of course s'mores (thanks Linds for the supplies).
I don't know what it is about just makes you slow down....I love it!
If Tucker would talk (we know he could, he just won't), he would say that he loves camping, too.  When we are packing to leave, we often find him waiting in the trailer...."no one's taking this thing anywhere without me!"

camping 2

The next day Paul and Shawna dropped the boys off for a sleepover....Grammie had a quick game of kick-the-ball....they are such fun!
Camp fire and s'mores
The next morning as we sat for breakfast and Bob asked who would like to say grace....Jacob volunteered and proceeded to thank God for Grammie and Grampie; for the new trailer; for the new big, black Ford to pull the trailer; for being able to go camping with Grammie and Grampie.  He went on and on....his sincerity of heart was obvious....our hearts were full. Does it get better than this?!

Dear, sweet boys....they are just too precious for words. 
Thank you Lord for these lovable boys.

A walk in the park....

We took advantage of a lovely afternoon and drove downtown to walk the sea wall.  We live in such a gorgeous part of Gods' world.....especially in the sunshine.
It is sometimes so easy to just stay home and do the usual...but it is SO worth it when we take the time and effort to enjoy the beauty around us.

Hope you can take some time to discover God's world around you.
Be blessed, my friends!

A dear, old friend....

We had a visitor to town the other day.....

Marion Shodean came to visit Mum from Eugene. Oregon.  She had wanted to come to the birthday celebration, but realized her passport had expired.  So this dear 91 year old got her paperwork in order and planned a trip with two of her girls. (Bob hadn't seen the girls for about 40 years)

As an aside - my ironing board that I have used since we married 38 years ago was a Shodean is an antique solid wooden one.  I've always loved that it had a has "Shodean" scrawled on the bottom.

Ray and Marion were Bob's first pastors.....Marion was his Sunday School teacher, and she lead him to the Lord.  Very special lady, indeed.
It was a joy to visit with this dear saint and her girls and also to see Mum and Marion reminisce together. 
Simple pleasures are sometimes the best.

God IS good.  ALL the time.

Our maiden voyage

It's been in the works for quite a while now.  That is a bit of an understatement!  We bought a motorhome - took it back the same day we bought it (discovered $3000 worth of work required).  Then bought a trailer - returned it the day the owner delivered it to us (the floor was rotten sawdust).  In between we looked, checked, shopped and researched until we FINALLY found a gem of a trailer.

Then we had to find a car to pull it with......oh, how I LOVE car shopping....ya, not so much.

But, we found the perfect fit for us.  I had alot of fun shopping for our new wee home on wheels.  Both of us are REALLY enjoying this new adventure.  We have camped alot over the years, just not is different than when we had three kids along with us.  We will be able to take along our own accomodation when we go to visit the kids....we plan to take it over soon to visit the newest addition to the Mac Family-Island chapter.  We have great memories of the good ol' we are looking forward to making new memories with just the two of us.

(click on the photos to enlarge)
Our first venture out was to Anacortes for a couple of nights.  Our good friends, Terry and Lois joined us (they just bought a trailer, too).  And, yes, Tucker likes to sit in his own chair by the firepit!
We are truly thankful for God provision....even with our little RV. 

A visit with our Angel

We made a quick trip to the Island to deliver a long-overdue anniversary gift.  We had dinner together and walked the mall and ate ice cream.  We had a wonderful time with our wee Denay....she is such a dollie! 

I really don't know what we did for entertainment before we had the grands!?

Our Singin' Angel

This was recorded while on our way back to catch the "Big-Hairy-Goat" back to the mainland.....needless to say by the time she was through several renditions of this and 'Somewhere over the Rainbow'....she had, yet again, stolen her Grammie and Grampy's hearts.

I could apologize for the poor video quality, but the audio more than makes up for it....just take a listen....

Stop, find an angel, and will make your day!

Grandma Rosie's 90th Birthday Celebration

Even though Grandma Rosie is not one to take center stage....we planned a day set aside to celebrate her....she was quite overwhelmed by all the fuss that was being made.  She is old and tired, but thankfully still very much in her right mind....and still with her dry sense of humor intact.

 We held the tea at her beautiful home....on the mezzanine was a lovely sunny afternoon.  The perfect backdrop for a day filled with family and friends honoring Grandma Rosie.
I was thankful that all my kids and kidlets were able to be there....unfortunately, I didn't have the presents of mind to take a photo of all of us with G-ma....argh!?
The invitations were sent far and wide and the response was overwhelming....but no surprise....everyone LOVES Grandma Rosie!

We had extended family travel from all over to help us was a wonderful day for all of us. 
It was great to catch up with everyone.

There were old family friends, church friends from years ago...
Cousins, Second cousins, once removed....
It was a terrific day full of reminders of God's blessings upon not only Mum, but on our entire family.

Happy Birthday, Mum!  We love you and pray that God will keep you well as he makes the final touches on your new home in glory.....we all know that's where you'd rather be....

Oh, that will be glory for me, glory for me, glory for me
When by His grace I shall look on His face
That will be glory, be glory for me

Be blessed, dear friends!

September has arrived

And with it a cool weather front.....we woke up to rain this morning, and it just felt like a day to spend hunkered down.  On days like this I just get the urge to bake, read a book, turn the fire on.  I love the change in seasons...even though I don't want to say goodbye to sunshine and long summer days....there is something warm and cozy about rainy days.  (Spoken as a true born n' bred Vancouverite)

We spent the weekend at a lovely family wedding....more of that to come shortly.
Hope you had a great long weekend, dear friends!