The Lord will fulfill His purpose for me; Your love, O Lord, endures forever ~ do not abandon the works of Your hands. Psalms 138:8

Couldn't resist....

taking a photo of my dear hubby....mowing the lawn last week.

Sorry to all of my colder climate friends.....and yes, I will admit....I am gloating.....just a bit.
Now watch....we'll get two feet of snow in March!!

May your heart be kept warm by loved ones around you....
Be blessed, my friends

A night on the town....

with the Six-Pak. What could be better? A night out with long time friends....dinner at Granville Island, a wee ferry boat ride along False Creek and tickets to the theater. We had a wonderful time together...and for me a touch-stone.

We saw "It's a Wonderful Life" all time most favorite movie...Ever! I thought that I might be disappointed in a live production of a movie that I can almost quote verbatum, but it was SO well done...I highly recommend it!

At the very end of the play Clarence Oddbody - ASC (Angel second class) said it best......

"Remember no man is a failure who has friends"

I felt very blessed to be sitting there surrounded by a group of friend who have been along for the ride with us in this wonderful life....very blessed.

Unfortunately Steve and Marilyn were too tired so they skipped the late night coffee and dessert...and I forgot to take a photo earlier.

Be blessed, my friends....and celebrate your friendships today.

Christmas 2009

Our official Christmas family celebrations started with a weekend visit from Trev, Christy and Denay....they even surprised me by coming over early in the day on Friday, instead of late in the evening. I opened the front door...and there was Wee Denay standing there all-by-HERself....what a delightful package to have delivered to my door! A few more hours to visit with them...and cuddle Denay....heaven!
Meals together, exchanging gifts, playing with the kidlets.....talking, laughing, sharing in the wonder of Christmas together and celebrating the birth of our Saviour.

On Christmas eve we had a quiet dinner with Jord, Linds and my Mom.....on to the candlelight service and then stopped in to visit Bob's Mom.

Christmas morning our Mainland kids came for brunch....we enjoyed watching the boys open their gifts. Paul, Shawna and the boys went on to the other side for we had a quiet dinner with Jord, Linds and my MIL.

Gramma Rosie is one of Tucker's most favorite people.....Grammie got to skype with Denay.
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Our Tucker....all decked out in his Christmas finery....he actually likes to dress in his sweaters and jackets.....after all he is a REAL BOY.

Shots of Christmas Day

Christmas pre-school concert.....Jacob stood there and watched while the girls sang....such a boy! And Cole did what any other brother would do...he ate!
Oh, the joy!

Junior Office Assistant

While Shawna was at our house doing the office/shipping thing....she walked in on this wee office assistant. He was suppose to be upstairs in bed, but instead he pulled up a stool in the office, took out some of his favorite office supplies, donned some new readers I had in the drawer, and began to work.
Oh, how I love seeing the imagination of a child at work....literally!
God is good. All the time.
Hope whatever your work is today, that you have as much fun as Jacob!

The Phillips Phamily Phunction

Although it is quite a 88 year old Mom organized a family get-together at her condo's rooftop room on the Sunday evening before Christmas.
Even though we all live in the Lower Mainland and Vancouver Island we don't see our extended family very often, so it is always great to see everyone and catch-up.
(click on the photos for a closer view)
It even worked for Trevor, Christy and Denay...they were over for the weekend to celebrate Christmas with us. I do love it when all my chicks are in the nest....even if it's only for a day or even a dinner.....I just love to have them all together.
Dianna, Mom, Ken, Teri, and I
A rare moment....almost all of my siblings with my Mom
Unfortunately my brother Bruce was not there.
As I watch my kids and kidlets get together, I now understand why my Mom always tries so hard to get all of us warms a Mother's heart and soothes a tired soul.
A good time was had by all.....thanks, Mom for all your efforts.

Trude turns Sixty

The first day back home we had the pleasure of helping an "old" friend celebrate a milestone. We have known Don and Trudy for over thirty years...they are great friends....the kind you can just pick up where you left off. She is one of the Six Pak girls and a real blessing to me.
With that being said.....I gotta get me some younger friends! LOL
~Have a great day, no matter how old you are~


After our last show in Toronto, we took a short trip to Niagara-on-the-Lake for some R&R before heading home for was SO WONDERFUL! We stayed in a great B&B and enjoyed relaxing with our own fireplace in our room.

We went for walks, poked through the stores, (they had Christmas caroles playing all along Main Street) sat over coffee and discussed our business year, went for quiet dinners and napped whenever we was heaven!
The house with the Nativity in front is home to artist Trisha Romance.....I LOVE her work.
Ha! Apparently, we were there, but I didn't manage to take a single photo of us.

Note to self: Remember to aggravate Bob by balancing the camera on top of a garbage can on a windy beach so we can take a timed photo of us.

Well, this was one item marked off my bucket list....I have wanted to go to Niagara-on-the-Lake for glad we finally made it.
Enjoy all that God has given you blessed, my friends.

Cranberry Creek

This time of year is always crazy busy with Cranberry Creek....for those of you who are new to my blog....I produce and market a Cranberry Pudding at high-end craft venues. For my American's like an English plum pudding but with fresh cranberries. We travel to high-end craft venues across Canada during October, November and December. I am always amazed at where this old family recipe has taken us. We are blessed to have had the opportunity to meet so many wonderful people while traveling with CC.

This year was special because so many of our kids were able to help out and travel with us. We need seven workers in the booth all day every a 10 x 15 booth....we get to know each other VERY intimately. LOL

Christy came across from the Island to help at the Vancouver show. This was a first for her leaving her hubby and babe for so we planned a surprise visit from Trevor....the photos above were taken right after he arrived. She was SO surprised, it was fun...but of course the first thing out of her mouth was..."Did you bring Denay?" Unfortunately, wee Denay had to stay home with Oma and Opa. (unfortunate for us - a blessing for Oma and Opa!)

The other photos are of Bob....his brand new dockers ripped right in "the area" he had to duct-tape them together to get himself back to the hotel. The next morning he showed up with his "alternative attire". I had to remind him that we do have a strict dress code at's so hard to find good help!

Paul, Shawna and the boys dropped by for a visit on Sunday afternoon....they didn't work this show, but the boys had some on-the-spot training.

My DIL Lindsey came to Calgary to work with us...dear friends Diane and Anna, too. My neice, Kathie always works for us in Calgary....we are blessed to have so many great workers. Diane has worked almost every show with us the last few years....she is definitely my righthand man....and we have SO MUCH fun together, too.

Our very own studly group....the ladies just love them!

We have such a great time....although insanely busy...we always manage to have some great laughs, too.
Christy travelled for us to three other shows in Alberta....our family is such a great blessing to us in our business. Shawna worked in the office this year keeping the home fires burning and the internet sales going out while we travelled. Paul and Shawna were team leaders at the Edmonton show as well. I am thankful that all of our kids are not only able, but very willing to help us with CC. Thanks, kids!
I am the wizard behind the curtain for most of the shows....I just keep the butter sauce flowing and the samples piled high. I used to think I had to be on the front line selling 'cause no one could sell like I NEVER hold a serving tray and hardly ever do cash; and when I do I usually make a mistake! So, I think that I have some pretty terrific staff to do the front, and I will stay in the back and heat the butter sauce to overflowing....'cause that's what I do best.
I can honestly say that I NEVER in my wildest dreams thought that Cranberry Creek would be what it is today. I am truly thankful.

Cole's Two!

What a joy this wee boy is! He is chocked full of fun, mischief, and energy. You will always know when Cole is in the house! He also has a tender heart, and is always the first to raise his hands in praise and worship at church. Again, what a joy to my heart.

Shawna made an amazing barnyard cake, and we all had fresh baked, homemade cookies to take home.

Happy birthday, Dear Cole. Your Grammie LOVES you.

Birthday X 2

With Paul and Shawna's birthdays 11 days apart, we usually celebrate them together so that T&C can come over for the party. This year was no exception....we had a great time together.

A picture's worth a thousand appears that everyone was a
bit off/crazy/zanny....maybe it was the food?!
I do love to see all my kids and kidlets together enjoying each other's is food for my Mother's heart.
I rejoice in what God has wrought this year....I cried out to Him, and He answered my prayers. I am going to make prayer for my family even higher on my priority list.
And then I'm going to try and figure out how to keep it a high priority.....All well and good to make a bold statement but it's quite another to follow through over the long-haul.
Lord, thank you for your mercies that are new every morning.

Raking of the leaves

As I do catch-up I can't believe how far behind my photos are....this was the final yard clean up of the late fall. The boys had a wonderful time with Grampy....boys and gumboots...they just go together.
Hope you're looking forward to a terrific weekend.

I'm really I am!

This is what I wish it looked like outside.....I LOVE snowy days.
Well, I really do have some catching-up to do, don't I? I will be attempting to post what has been going on in my life, and what is on my heart.
We have been busy with Cranberry Creek, of course, and busy with family, too. We are blessed beyond measure. God is good, all the time.
Happy New year to y'all....I'm looking forward to seeing what God has in store for us this year.
Be blessed, dear friends