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Six-Pak Shower

For those of you that are new to my life history....I have a group of friends...we're called the six-pak. We try to get together several times through the year....our friendship started in the church nursery and has continued over the years.
What a blessing to have friends that are on your speed matter what. They are there for you....good times, bad times; births, deaths; to laugh with you and cry with you; to pray with you and just to be there.
Recently a book shower was held for our sweet Denay. Christy and her Mom were able to bring the Princess over for the occasion.

We had a wonderful dinner was a girls night only (with the exception of a 6 day old g-boy)....and the number of girls? Six of us - 20 "Dotters" (our daughters and daughters-in-law) and 14 g-girlies.....who wooda thunk? Not everyone was able to attend...some were away on vacation, others live across the country, but we all LOVE our times together so if possible we're there.

It was a VERY warm night, so at the end of the evening some of the girlies jumped in the pool....and some of the Moms just couldn't resist.....clothes and all!!

One thing about the six-pak....there is NEVER a dull moment!
Thanks, Marilyn for hosting a great evening!
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Kristin said...

Now THAT'S the sign of a great group of friends...gals that can just give in to the heat and jump fully clothed and hair'do be live in the moment together..!! LOVE IT! And can I say...I'm jealous?!?! What a true blessing your 6Pack is!!!