The Lord will fulfill His purpose for me; Your love, O Lord, endures forever ~ do not abandon the works of Your hands. Psalms 138:8

Another year older...

It was my birthday a couple of weeks ago....for some reason the number bugged me this year. Not a big deal...but 55 just sounds ALOT older than 54! But I have to remember that growing older is much better than the alternative of dying with that in mind...we celebrate, thank God for His mercy and grace, and eat cake, of course.
We started the day by meeting my Mom and going to Tracycakes in White Rock for brunch. The time together was great....the reception and service at the restaurant was underwhelming. But we had a nice visit despite the lack of attention.

Funny, I just noticed you can see the two blondes in the mirror, chatting (and igoring their only customers) just like they did the whole time we were there. LOL

Bob and I then continued to LaConnor for a drive...we just poked around the town and shops. We then met some great friends for dinner in Bellingham. It was a terrific day, and it was just what we both needed.

We have had some difficult days this past month....we would covet your prayers for us and our family.

The birthday celebration continued later that week with a family dinner..of course, Trevor, Christy and Denay could not be there as it was during the week.

Shawna baked the cake for dessert....and OH MY GOSH! It was this FABULOUS recipe she got from Pioneer Woman's was AMAZING! Thanks, Hon.

As you can see Jacob and Auntie Lindsey have a 'special' relationship....they love each other...ALOT!

I had a terrific birthday week, with family and friends lovin' on me. I am truly thankful for all my friends and family that sent greetings from far and know who you are.
Be blessed and enjoy the sunshine.


Christy said...

I did't know you were able to exchange the sweater for the original one! It looks so good on you....wish we could have been there to try that amazing cake, er, I mean sing Happy Birthday in person :)

jamiedelaine said...

Hey Joanne! I still have your 55th birthday photos that I took on my laptop. I have to get them to you. :) They're cute!

Joanne said...

Christy, thanks...kept forgetting to tell you....I LOVE it...and you were right it's SO me!

Jamie...thanks I would love to see them...when you have the time.