The Lord will fulfill His purpose for me; Your love, O Lord, endures forever ~ do not abandon the works of Your hands. Psalms 138:8

At breakfast, at the Belvedere, Robert, the owner showed us a beautiful soup spoon (turned up on one side so you can slurp better) had a filigreed pattern on the bottom and was signed by Paine Jr. It was cast from iron on the Mayflower!! I was so overwhelmed to be holding such a treasure, I never thought to take a picture of it! Am I nuts?! I love seeing things with history.

As we walked through South Yarmouth, we came upon a garage sale....and found this adorable antique pewter cream and sugar's beat up, well used, and I LOVE it! And a bargain at $2. I'm not much into the standard tourist this fit the bill.

FYI: Do you know what a Belvedere is? I didn' means beautiful view, and it is the window room built at the top of a house roof, just big enough to climb up and see the view from all directions....kind of like a widow's walk, only walled in with windows at the top. Just a bit of useless information for you to store.

Be blessed as you go about your day....thanks for stoppin' by.

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Laura said...

All your pictures area beautiful! Makes me want to live there, or have a home like those ones - love the character and the richness. A belvedere sounds wonderful! :) What a neat trip for you to have experienced.

Christy said...

Sigh......what a beautiful trip. You're such a good photographer mum! Great shots