The Lord will fulfill His purpose for me; Your love, O Lord, endures forever ~ do not abandon the works of Your hands. Psalms 138:8

We found some great spots that, even though we had been to Waikiki, were new to us, and then, we went back to some old familiar spots that we always enjoy. Top left is a sunset from our lanai.

We toured the island with Roger and Vicki....this was in the 'after'.
Okay so the story of the "before and after"....Three days into R&V's stay, they went for the day to the Polynesian Cultural Center. While walking through the buffet line for dinner, Vicki was struck in the back by a rolling/falling 8x6 ft lattice wall. It dropped her to the floor, and although no broken bones she really got hurt. Argh! So that was it for the holiday as they knew it....she couldn't walk for long, couldn't sleep laying down, couldn't swim, couldn't sit for was so disappointing for them! The Center was really good, but nothing could really redeem there holiday back....they made the best of it though, and Vicki is not one to complain so we all just tried to adjust and accommodate what would work for Vicki.
She has been suffering alot of pain since then, but is slowly on the mend. And, yes, they are working through a lawyer regarding some compensation.

Vicki was such a trooper....she still made the best of our time together.
Our last night along Waikiki
There is just something so restful about the surf, sun and sand....I am truly thankful for the times we are able to spend in Hawaii.

God is good. All the time.

Thanks for stoppin' by, my friends, please let me know you've been is encouraging to hear from you!

I've still got tons to catch you up on.....stay tuned!


Carolee said...

Now, was that so hard? Beautiful pics of a lovely vacation - Hawaii suits you! So sorry about Vicki's injury. They'd better be able to stay there free for life!

June Steeves said...

Always enjoy reading about your life. Sounds like you had a grand holiday.

Anonymous said...

Love your pics Joanne!! And I want your dress - it looks great on you, it's sooo cute! j.

Laura said...

Beautiful! Hawaii is such a wonderful place... your pictures make me want to hop on the next plane! :) I love your dress too - cute!

Anonymous said...

I also love your Of all the places we have been in the world, Hawaii is still near the top, so take terrific pictures when you are on vacation.

Laura said...

So nice! hopefully Brad and I can get there sometime. Just stopping to say HI!