The Lord will fulfill His purpose for me; Your love, O Lord, endures forever ~ do not abandon the works of Your hands. Psalms 138:8

South Eastern BC

The Creston Rotary Club is selling our Cranberry Creek puddings as a fundraiser, so we decided to hit the road and personally introduce the club to our puddings. Our friends Don and Trudy went along for the ride, since it was Don's brother Dave and Ruth that were our contact in the Rotary Club. (Sorry...I didn't get one photo of our kind hosts)

I attended the Rotary breakfast at 7 am....okay, for those who know me well, you can stop snickering now. For those who don't....just let it be said that I am NOT a morning person.

We then had the day to spend as we pleased....the guys went golfing and the girls guessed it...went shopping. We strolled down Main Street and poked through secondhand stores. One of the stores was called Gleaners (I like the name) and I found a Fisher-price camper truck with all the pieces. It was my shopping find of the day, since the boys have a motorhome that looks just like it.

The next day I did a radio spot at 8 am and then we hit the road again back towards home.

We stopped for lunch in Greenwood - the town that Snow Falling on Cedars was shot. Looks like that was the last thing that really happened there....the store fronts are still done up with the movie fronts....just s slow, little town with a noble past. It was where alot of the Japanese internment people settled after the war.

We then drove on to Osoyoos, where we found a terrific condo to stay in....Walnut Beach Resort. We went for a FABULOUS dinner, and just relaxed, chatted, read and sat in the sun by the pool.

These are a few shots I took from the dock....I spent some time with the Lord there. It was good to actually have a plan to meet together with others at the same time to pray.....thanks, Crystal for the call to prayer.
It was a quick, fun trip....but best of all it was time spent with good friends...feeling blessed.
Well, I have a messy office and need to dig myself out.
Hope you have a terrific weekend, my friends!


susan said...

Sounds like a lovely trip!
My mom lived in Greenwood when she was young...just a FEW years ago!! :-)

Anonymous said...

My grandparents lived in Creston. I spent a lot of fun summers there on their farm with my cousins. Great memories!


Crystal said...

Looks like a fun trip, I am so glad you joined in praying..isn't it amazing! I a making it a weekly routine now, calling everyone to place thursday's at lunch, for our blogger world, family and friends as I know we are just getting started:)!