The Lord will fulfill His purpose for me; Your love, O Lord, endures forever ~ do not abandon the works of Your hands. Psalms 138:8

Hey, I think I could be my mother!

I remember growing up at 13th and Larch, and the rose garden my Mom grew there. She had roses the size of cabbages! I didn't realize at the time how much care she took to tend that garden....but I do now!

Although my roses are not quite as spectacular as least my garden is healthy enough this year to cut some terrific bouquets. I have tried for years to grow a rose with little success. I think I finally found the right placement for my roses to full sun and beside the house where the heat radiates into the rose garden.

Gardening is definitely not a before and after show but a journey for me....and it has taken years to realize that fact. Now I am not as hard on myself or my garden for any blunders or mistakes. I have a friend, Marilyn, with a terrific green thumb...her garden is AMAZING and she once shared this rule with me....."I give a plant about two years....if it doesn't do well, I may transplant to a different spot, but after's out you go!" Over the years I have tried to grow spindley, struggling plant, and wondered why someone like Marilyn could have such a successful, marvelous garden....well....there you have it!
(I assume that her true dedication to her garden has something to do with it, too)

So just give that struggling plant to someone else....they may have the perfect spot for it to thrive in....don't beat yourself up over a few trial and errors. I hope this will encourage you to go out and play in your garden this weekend.

Be blesssed, my friends.

PS: Did you know that hosta leaves are great for cutting for bouquets? They look gorgeous and last forever don't even have to add anything to them...they are great on their own.

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jamiedelaine said...

Very pretty. I love the first picture in this post!