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Picnic at Williams Park

A bucket of chicken, some veggies, cold drinks and a blanket - that would be a picnic. Add a couple of g-babies and it is a joyous event.

Back in the day, I took my kids to Williams Park for picnics with JH friends....our dear friend Doris organized a picnic day every week in the summer...we just had to show up and enjoy the day together. We still miss you, Doris!

After the picnic, we thought we would walk Fort Langley...BIG mistake!! It should be re-named Fort Mosquito!! Warning: do not go there unprotected....those guys have landing lights!!

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Cathy said...

Looks like a great time! I too have heard the mosquitos are really bad this year in the Fort! I will remember my bug spray when I head there again!

Thanks for the reminder.

susan santos said...

I too remember the Williams Park picnics as kids - it seemed like we were there constantly during the summer. Great memories!